Nice to Meet’ya Sayulita

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: Great video! Glad to see you all had a good time :)

  2. nanci corzine: Wow... you're getting really good at putting these little excursions on the blog. So glad you had a wonderful time...…

  3. Barbara Irish: whaaa, whaaaa, i wanna go, whaaa, whaaa!


GG Sue Visit

We made our second all-in-a-day trek down to see Grandma Sue in Orange County last week. I felt much more relaxed on this trip and our flights where within 30 minutes of the expected departures which was great.

Once again we ended up with a couple hours of visiting time at Sue’s house and Harper Sue had a BLAST!

Playing with GGSue and her collection of toy cars.

Giving the napkin butler a snuggle.

Momentarily sharing GGSue's doll Becca. Harper Sue loved this little doll the moment GGSue handed it to her.

Having a snack on the flight down to OC.

  1. nanci corzine: What wonderful memories Harper is building of GG Sue; what wonderful energy Harper is giving to GG Sue; what good…

Statues Need Hugs Too

We took a stroll down a street we don’t often visit last week and came upon these two guard statues on the sidewalk. After introducing herself to both of them and noticing their shared features (eyes, teeth, and hair) she decided they both needed a few hugs. Cutest thing eva!

  1. nanci corzine: As you said... "Cutes thing ever". Awwwwwwww, if we all could only interact with our world as children do. Love,…

  2. Barbara Irish: Amazing Patti! She is just so beautiful and sweet. So neat to see her associate the features with herself. Much…

Cabinet Caving

Harper has a Frig

I’m so inspired by the Montessori mantra of creating a home environment that allows the child to be independent and found this video of a mom putting the idea into practice by creating a shelf in her frig for her son. Our frig has a pullout freezer on the bottom and is additionally challenging for little people because it has a heavy swing door. After thinking of ways to reconfigure the shelving inside to accomodate Harper’s reach and toying with some ideas on how to have the door open a bit easier I decided that getting a mini frig was the best bet based on safety and accessibility.

I bought the smallest frig I could find at Best Buy (1.7 cubic ft, about 18″ x  18″ square) and squeezed it next to the big frig last night.

This morning I introduced Harper to the new appliance. I showed her how to open it, explained what would be kept in it, how to properly remove her snacks and drinks, and showed her how to close the door and why it was important to keep the door shut.

Needless to say, she freaking LOVES her new frig! She pulled everything out and put everything back in twice. She helped Dada get ready to leave for the playground by getting all her own snacks together and putting them in the park bag. So AWESOME!

For now I’m planning to keep the frig stocked with her water bottle, a cup of juice, some ready to eat fruit, some cheese sticks, and some yogurt.

  1. nanci corzine: What an awesome idea and you can tell Harper's enthralled with the change. Love the little video of the "frig."…

  2. Tu Tu: Between her sink and frig, she's becoming a "little homemaker" :) We look forward to seeing her kitchen skills next…

Monkey Peel Mandarin

Our little monkey taught herself to peel a mandarin. No doubt she was inspired by the amazing selection of citrus they have at BiRite the season and the amazing sweetness of the Page Mandarins.

  1. Aunt Sandi: MONKEY!

  2. nanci corzine: Ah the sounds of the beginning of morning at the Lords house. Brings back good memories. Isn't it nice to…

Wee Willie K

I read something over a year ago about giving little kid’s quality music instrument’s that sound great from the very beginning. I’ve mostly held to this idea and resisted a lot of the plastic toy-versions of drums, guitars, and rhythm instruments. I know Harper enjoys making sounds that are full and beautiful and I KNOW I like her to make sounds that are full and beautiful too ;)

Rob recently decided to move his ukulele down from the out-of-Harper-reach bookcase to the easy-to-reach floor and Harper wasted no time adding the instrument to her new favorite things list. It’s the perfect size for her to carry from the neck without dragging and the open chords have a nice sound.

I Can Blow My Nose

  1. nanci corzine: You can see the joy on her face from being able to do this. Good job to you, mom &…

Dinner with DüDah

We’ve been spending some time talking into empty boxes, tubes, and bell jars. It was only amount of time until the activity was added to the dinner entertainment schedule.

  1. Sue Woodruff: Hi Patti,Rob and Harper. Sorry for the mystery. I filled out a greeting which obviously didn't make it to you…

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