Blow the Door Off

As I type this Harper is 2 hours into her third night in her toddler bed (aka: freedom from a confined crib). I had planned to switch to the toddler bed configuration way back in early January (as you may recall my post) but since she gained an interest in the potty around that same time I decided to hold off and avoid any risk of messing up her reliable and much needed sleep schedule. As it turns out, my concerns of impacting her sleep are proving unwarranted.

This morning instead of calling “mama mama” until I came to lift her out of her crib she simply got out of her bed, grabbed her monkey, walked over to her door and knocked until I answered it. Cutest thing evah!

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Toddler Bed


To This

I’m planning on transitioning Harper Sue’s “crib” into her “toddler bed” this week. While the new freedom for her might be significant, what is structurally involved is simply removing 4 screws and one panel- something we’ve been doing more and more frequently during her waking hours anyway.

I just finished doing a bit of research on transitioning toddler’s to a floor bed and expect that Harper Sue will transition with a few nights of distraction but don’t expect a prolonged struggle. She loves her crib and I have no doubt that she’ll love her new independence.

Here’s a shot from one of the first times we configured her crib into a toddler bed for playtime way back in March of last year.

Talk About Taking a Nap!

Naptime has been a religiously scheduled event since Harper was 4 months old. For months she would fall immediately to sleep but lately her morning nap has started with what we can only guess is a review of daily events with Angel Bear. Conversation typically winds down within 20 minutes. Here’s a sampling.

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Sleep Train Update

Night #2

Harper Sue woke up once at 4:11am, cried for 15 minutes, went back to sleep until I woke her up at 7am.

Is she really going to make it this easy?

  1. nanci corzine: Yes, of course. She's the daughter of Rob and Patti Lord.

Dreadful Sleep Training


While we have been proactive about Harper Sue’s morning nap (9am), bedtime (7pm), and sleep routine (nursing, bedtime story, low lights, ocean sound white noise) since Month3 we typically allowed her to sleep in as long as she wanted in the morning.  Her afternoon nap was variable and late afternoon nap nearly extinct. The one area we where particularly reactive was nighttime wakings. Harper would typically wake up 3-4 times/night, I would quickly put her on The Boob, she would nurse for 10 minutes and we’d both go back to sleep. This would have worked for a long time if I somehow got used to sleep deprivation and if Harper stayed sleeping in our bed.

We love having Harper in our bed at night. Combine that with Circadian rhythms not developing until around 3 months and you know why we waited until now to take on nighttime sleep training.

Our friends and fellow parents of a happy healthy toddler gave us the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and I started reading it while we where in Maui.  The book explains the importance of a full night sleep (9-12 hours) for infants and gives a few options for how to “encourage” good sleep habits.

With the book open to the 5 to 9 Month chapter on the dining room table, We started our nighttime strategy last night and where prepared for a wakeful emotional night. Our strategy included accommodating no more than two feedings/night and using a 30 minute cry duration to signal a feeding. We discussed the schedule in detail before going to bed:

If she cries before she has been asleep for 3 hours it is unlikely that she is hungry and we should commit to giving her the opportunity to self soothe. If she has been asleep for at least 3 hours and has maintained her crying for 30 minutes it is likely that she is hungry so Patti will feed her in the nursery and lay her back down to sleep. The later will be done a maximum of two times between 7pm and 7am. In all cases of waking and crying, we will give her 30 minutes to learn to self soothe before any action is taken.

With this detailed plan we turned off the baby monitor and headed off to bed.

Sometime between midnight and 2am Harper woke, cried for 10 minutes, and went back to sleep.

At 2:30am I got up to pump my uncomfortably engorged boobs. Harper Sue had typically been nursing 3 or 4 times/night and my boobs didn’t get the memo that this might be changing.

At 5:11am Harper woke a second time, cried for 25 minutes before going back to sleep.

I woke her at 7am, fed her, and we all headed to Ritual for coffee. I was in a state of surprised shock the whole morning. “Had we just made it through night #1 with less than 45 minutes of combined crying and only two breaks in Harper’s sleep cycle?” Yep!

It’s now 10pm on night #2 and my thoughts are with Harper Sue, encouraging her to keep up the good work.

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Sleeping In

8:30am and Harper is the only one left sleeping in our bed. As she get’s bigger she seems to need fewer (but longer) feedings which is starting to leave us with more time to “get things done”. This morning was a big sleep-in day for Harper which was great since I hosted my mama’s group and needed some speedy cleanup time before they all arrived.


  1. nanci corzine: A beautiful lump of yumminess.

Nap Time

Harper Sue is bigger, sleepier and deliberately expressive, which is both more fun and easier on us parents.  Here’s a video of Harper napping taken on daddy’s new iPhone 3GS.

And here’s a bonus video taken when Grandma + Grandpa Lord visited a few weeks ago.

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Picture of the Day

God bless white noise iPhone app’s. With all the solace she gets from the sound of pouring rain, I think we may have received a Seattle baby by mistake?
DSCN1351 photo


IMG_6843 IMG_6847

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Close Enough to Kiss

IMG_0756 IMG_0755

Mornings are a pretty special. Harper typically wakes up around 5am, eats, and then falls asleep on my chest for a blissful while. It’s hard to look away from her adorable peaceful little face.

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