Blow the Door Off

As I type this Harper is 2 hours into her third night in her toddler bed (aka: freedom from a confined crib). I had planned to switch to the toddler bed configuration way back in early January (as you may recall my post) but since she gained an interest in the potty around that same time I decided to hold off and avoid any risk of messing up her reliable and much needed sleep schedule. As it turns out, my concerns of impacting her sleep are proving unwarranted.

This morning instead of calling “mama mama” until I came to lift her out of her crib she simply got out of her bed, grabbed her monkey, walked over to her door and knocked until I answered it. Cutest thing evah!

  1. nanci corzine: How did I know this transition would come so easily and what a wonderful "independence" gift you've given her. I…

Storytime with Dada

We spent some time on Father’s Day just hanging with Harper Sue in her nursery.

Last week Harper Sue started handing us the book she wanted us to read (vs. us choosing one to read to her). Once I had read the story to her once she handed the book to Dada for his version. It’s so wonderful to see her so engaged!

  1. nanci corzine: Wow! You can just see those brain cells working (in my day they used to say "wheels turning"). I love…

The Destructorator

It took Harper Sue less than 20 minutes to “reorganize” the nursery. She is a force of nature when she is in search and discover mode. Lucky for me it takes considerably less time for me to put things back in place and I so enjoy watching her investigate.

  1. nanci corzine: I've seen her in this mode and what comes into my mind is this little twister swirling around the room.…

Ira Play’s Nice

Ira and Harper Sue continue to develop their relationship. Thankfully for Ira this includes more ball toss and toy exchange and less hair pulling.

This morning they passed Ira’s squeaky rubber chicken back and forth a few times, each attempting to impress the other with how loud and frequent the toy squawks could be.

Wardrobe Check

Custom clothes cubbies courtesy of Grandma Corzine

  1. nanci corzine: She's a girl who knows what she wants and is learning how to get it. Glad to see the "cubbies"…

Exploring the New World

Exploration of the nursery continued this week with new discoveries in the Changing Table territory. Harper Sue’s spelunking skills where tested during the excavation of size 1 diaper relics that had presumably been buried at the back of the territory for safe keeping or disposal.

  1. nanci corzine: Patti, does this bring back memories of early years going around stores refolding product?

Montessori Wisdom

Our friend Janene brought a few of her Montessori Education resource manuals along on a recent visit. Montessori is very committed to recognizing the value of childrens’ independence and self discovery.

In addition to recommending some pretty cool wooden developmental toys and reiterating the warnings I had already heard about “walkers” the resource manual recommended storing Harper Sues toys at a level that was accessible to her. This allows her to independently choose which toys she is interested in playing with and will eventually allow her to also put them away when playtime is over. She LOVES her new found access and her physical agility has improved since she has a strong motivation toward reaching her favorite Angel Bear.

  1. nanci corzine: She truly likes having her things accessible... don't we all. I love the fact that she likes her "angel bear"…

Harper, Four Weeks Old

Dedicated to Grandpa Roll and Grandpa Lord on Father’s Day…

IMG_6880 IMG_6878



IMG_6873 IMG_6872

IMG_6871 IMG_6870

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Grandma Corzine’s First Visit

My mom came over for a visit last weekend. She and Harper bonded immediately (Harper is no dummy- she knows who’s going to spoil her silly).