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  1. nanci corzine: Love this picture. I remember taking one of Sandi similar to this when she was about Harper's age. She has…

Harper “Sit’n” Sue

According to most babies learn to sit unassisted between 4 and 7 months. Harper Sue is right on schedule.

She has started enjoying the sitting position more and more over the past week and it’s fun to watch her concentrate on whatever object she might be enamored with without being distracted by toppling over.

Her typical sitting routine starts with a decent downward dog and slow descent over a bent knee into the seated position. She doesn’t often topple over but rather shifts her wait forward and ends up on all fours ready to crawl. Needless to say, the installation of our new baby gate could not have been better timed.

  1. nanci corzine: YEA! Her face is changing some too and I love that color of green on her. I still think her…

  2. Laura: This was my favorite (all too fleeting!!) phase...where L could sit and amuse herself with things within her reach but…

Picture of the Day

My new favorite toy… and Harper’s too!

  1. nanci corzine: Wow! You just get better and better in capturing Harper on film in the most wonderful and unusual ways. A…

  2. Sandi: my favorite too!!!!!

  3. Grammie Tutu: Great picture! I'll have to print this one too :)

Picture of the Day

This is undeniably a vanity POTD but I couldn’t help myself. She’s just so damn cute and yes, maybe that is Acorn squash in her ear.

  1. nanci corzine: You definitely caught her contemplative look and I am in total agreement... SHE IS DAMN CUTE!!!! (and that's not just…

Harper Swing Sue

While we where down in San Diego for Thanksgiving at Elissa and Derek’s we shacked up at a hotel along Mission Bay and took advantage of the lovely walking trail that borders the hotel both mornings. The weather was incredible (high 70′s) and we past at least five separate playgrounds on our short walk. The spiral slide and swings where calling out “She’s TOTALLY old enough to play on us. Come on!” Harper’s fantastic little giggle is hard to hear on the video but you can see the joy in her face. Lucky for her there is an identical swing set just across the street from our house.

  1. nanci corzine: Wow, she just "takes" to everything new and with gusto. Looks like she's helping bring out the kid in you…

Seventh Times a Charm

Harper Sue logged her seventh and eighth airplane take-off and landing on our Thanksgiving trip down to San Diego.

I did some research to update my flight-plus-baby strategy and found great advice to bring a new extra-special toy that is introduced once your boarded on the flight and no sooner. Worked liked a charm! The flight down to SD is only 90 minutes so when she wasn’t on the boob she was mesmerized by exploring her new toy. Then the toy was hidden away until our flight back and again, it worked like a charm.

While both SFO and SAN where virtually empty (amazing to think that just 4 years ago the security line at SFO was nearly 1/4 mile long!) our Southwest flights were completely full. Thank GOD for family boarding that gave us access after the A’s but before the B’s (this may not make any since if you’ve never flown Southwest) so while we where not blessed with an empty seat between us we where able to sit together toward the front of the plane.

As Harper Sue becomes more mobile its tougher to keep her confined to mom or dads lap and a longer flight would certainly be more challenging in this regard. I just learned that Southwest has special pricing for children under four years old that cuts the price by about 30% on most flights. Certainly worth looking into for our TBD next trip.

Here’s a few shots of Harper Doobie on the flight and making friends with the Hertz shuttle driver.

  1. nanci corzine: She's so personable everyone she comes in contact with automatically want to interact with her. Just wait until she's talking.…

2 Wheels, 2 Early

Rob and I are both chomping at the chain to get Harper Sue rolling with us. With great expectations that she was big enough to wear the smallest bike helmet (one of my preconditions of bike adventuring) I headed out to Sports Basement to find the perfect noggin guard. The infant helmet selection was pretty good and all the choices looked SO small …I of course did not have Harper with me at the time. Obviously I was wrong.

So we have a bit more time to research bike carriers. Two that are on my shortlist thus far:

  1. nanci corzine: She was so good when trying this on and as usual very interested in the bright yellow straps. Won't be…

A Week of Grandmas

Harper Sue has a GRAND week this week. She gets to see both her grandmothers and her great grandmother too!

We kicked things off on Monday with a visit from Grandma Memere/Corzine and had fun playing with toys, changing diapers, and eating! Grandma tried her hand at playing “hit the mouth” with Harper Sue as the target and stewed prunes as the beanbags. She’s number two on the leader board. See the replays and the results below. The best part of the feeding Harper is seeing her impersonation of hungry baby birds- it’s quite impressive especially with all the flapping ;)


  1. nanci corzine: Memories are oh so sweet... and you did a good job of capturing "the moment". The only thing missing are…

  2. linda: What an awesome photo! What precious memories! Love to all, Linda

  3. nanci corzine: This poem, written during the night after my recent visit should have been posted here... makes more sense... here it…

Sutro Saturday

I recently picked up a great little deck of City Walks with Dogs cards at one of our local dog boutiques (yes, those exist!). The set includes 50 walks/hikes in the greater bay area that dogs are welcome and there’s a bunch of places we have yet to explore. One place we can put a check mark by as of Saturday is the Sutro Bath ruins just north of the Cliff House restaraunt.

It was amazing in a Raiders of the Lost Ark kind of way to stumble around the remaining retaining walls of what was once such a lavish resort, not to mention the beautiful coast line and the amazing weather.

You can catch glimpses of the ruins in the lower left corner of a few of our pictures and I’ve added a historic shot in hopes of conveying a teensy bit of the awe we had on our walk.

  1. nanci corzine: I'm looking forward to joining you on some of these walks... a bit of "wonder" is good for us seasoned…

Baby Hauling

I’m starting to think about alternatives to the Baby Bjorn carrier primarily because my shoulders are aching after carrying 13lb Harper around town. Our favorite local baby store, Natural Resources, have a great carrier rental program that allows you to try out a potential carrier for a week. We are currently renting the Kokopax carrier. Harper Sue loves it and so do our shoulders.

  1. nanci corzine: This pack looks so much like the Gerry Carrier I used with you girls. This one has the convenience of…

  2. Barbara Lord: Looks like she's having a fun ride :) Looking forward to seeing all of you on Turkey Day (which may…

  3. Laura: One word: ERGO!

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