Picture of the Day

Swing!! at soon-to-be-renovated Mission Pool Playground

  1. nanci corzine: Hopefully they'll do one before the other. She does like to swing.

  2. Grammie Tu Tu: Looks like fun :)

Picture of the Day

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: Can Harper cook for us on Sunday? She looks like an accomplished chef :)

  2. nanci corzine: It's wonderful to be in the kitchen with all of you and to see your interaction with Harper. She's allowed…

Picture of the Day

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: It looks like she likes to have a lot of company :)

  2. nanci corzine: I can see why she moved them from her bed to their own living quarters... too much company for sleeping.…


Harper and Emma have been working on handstands. Today Janene showed her how to use the wall to walk her feet up to a pike position.

  1. nanci corzine: She learns really fast... amazingly fast.

Aunt Sandi’s Visit

My sister recently flew in from Mammoth for a lovely visit. We spent some quality sister time at the spa at Cavallo Point (thank you Rob xxoxoxox), and had some quality time with Harper Sue and Memer’e too. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the weekend.

  1. nanci corzine: Such a wonderful time with both my girls, Rob and Harper. I look forward to having us all together again…