Swim Class

My mom joined us for Harper’s swim class last week and was able to grab some nice photos.

Browse the entire photo album HERE.

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: Great set of pics! Looks like Harper is really enjoying her swim classes. She'll be ready for our new pool…

Listen Up

Harper Sue’s taken a fresh interest in her headphones. I suspect this is based on her new found ability to put them on all be herself. Whatever the reason it’s cute as all hell.

  1. nanci corzine: I'm assuming she is hearing music when she has them on. it's fun seeing these pictures. Looking forward to seeing…

What a Difference a Year Makes

  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful comparison from one year to the next. Thank you again for using this blog to share Harper's…

Picture of the Day

  1. nanci corzine: She and I actually counted those steps she's coming down on. Ask her how many we counted. Note to Harper...…

Strange Bed Fellows

I walked into Harper’s room after nap time to find her crib full of strange bed fellows. The list of transient attendee’s included:

  • Potty
  • Veggie and fruit card deck w/storage bag
  • 2 Books
  • Large Froggie
  • 1 Wooden nut & bolt
  • 1 Plate of banana slices

Keep in mind, she had napped in the remaining small corner of her bed for close to 2 hours!


  1. Grammie Tu Tu: I guess she likes to have everything she needs close by :)

  2. Brett Soltz: Awesome. Looks like quite the party in there!

    • Patti Lord: She literally packed the house ;)

  3. nanci corzine: I think she's just asserting the fact that she has choices and is "testing the water" to see just how…

Blow the Door Off

As I type this Harper is 2 hours into her third night in her toddler bed (aka: freedom from a confined crib). I had planned to switch to the toddler bed configuration way back in early January (as you may recall my post) but since she gained an interest in the potty around that same time I decided to hold off and avoid any risk of messing up her reliable and much needed sleep schedule. As it turns out, my concerns of impacting her sleep are proving unwarranted.

This morning instead of calling “mama mama” until I came to lift her out of her crib she simply got out of her bed, grabbed her monkey, walked over to her door and knocked until I answered it. Cutest thing evah!

  1. nanci corzine: How did I know this transition would come so easily and what a wonderful "independence" gift you've given her. I…

Picture of the Day

Playing with Ms. Dalia on Sunday. Harper LOVES big girls.

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