Hand Me Down Heaven

This was my baby blanket that my Aunt Sally made for me 30 some odd (hee) years ago. Now it’s Harper Sue’s blanky.

“Baby Roll” embroidered into the center panel has been updated to mean an encouraging statement toward a physical feat ;)

Sleeping In

8:30am and Harper is the only one left sleeping in our bed. As she get’s bigger she seems to need fewer (but longer) feedings which is starting to leave us with more time to “get things done”. This morning was a big sleep-in day for Harper which was great since I hosted my mama’s group and needed some speedy cleanup time before they all arrived.


  1. nanci corzine: A beautiful lump of yumminess.

Cutest Butt Evah


The weather has been wonderfully warm here in San Francisco giving Harper Sue a chance to practice her Little Makena Beach look. Hot!

  1. nanci corzine: Warms my heart to see her enjoying being in just her body. Don't you wish you could just hop down…

Holy Crap: Look what Harper Can Do!

We attached the little play toy accessory to the bouncy chair and where amazed at Harper Sue’s hand & eye coordination.

I’m convinced that these “developmental” toys are actually “indicator” tools for parents but it makes us both giddy to watch her progress.

  1. nanci corzine: WOW! You can see the wheels turning in that little brain of hers. Won't be long until she's able to…

New Bouncy Seat

Our new bouncy seat arrived yesterday.

So far Harper likes it as long as someone is watching her mad skillz.

  1. Grammie Tutu: Great video ! Looks like she loves her new seat:) I bought the pack 'n play for Maui and a…

  2. Lilia's Mommy: Oh that looks like way too much fun! Love how you always splice in a tune too.

Picture of the Day

Rob’s new Rebel T1i camera is pretty amazing, as is Rob when it comes to capturing moments like this one with Grandma.


  1. linda schutt: I LOVE the photos. Thanks for sending me the link. What an awsome way to share the joy in parenting!…

Lunch with Grandma

Pushing the stroller is fun.


Having lunch and fancy tea at Samovar is fun.


Harper gives the afternoon a thumbs up.


Picnic with Lizzy & Paul

Lizzy and Paul brought mom a yummy burrito from El Tepa and held the baby while I ate. Harper Sue was conked out the entire time but at least she wasn’t screaming. Who could be upset with weather like this?

Note to self: We must do this often weekly.

3678775257_efd155e396_b 3678759123_10715e45e6_b

Thanks to Paul for taking the pictures.

  1. Lilia's Mommy: Um, yeah, we're jealous.

Picture of the Day


Rob had great success calming Harper Sue with the side-lie position + the bouncy ball.

We create new recipes for solace every day using a few key ingredients: bouncy ball, burp position, high burp position, swaddle, “shhh”ing, hallway walk, outside walk, rocking, and (when all else fails) back on the boob.

  1. Sandi: LOVE the pictures of the day! Thanks guys for your dedication to involving us Harper worshipers.

  2. Grammie Tutu: Great picture of Harper! Where's Rob? We need a god picture that has Rob in it too :)

  3. Lucinda Rogers: The bouncy ball works wonders! I LOVED being bounced on that ball. I would make my mom or dad bounce…

Picture of the Day

God bless white noise iPhone app’s. With all the solace she gets from the sound of pouring rain, I think we may have received a Seattle baby by mistake?
DSCN1351 photo

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