Picture of the Day

At the bottom of the stairs after hauling Crocodile and Driver Dan all the way down the front stairs by herself.

  1. nanci corzine: Now... my question is did she haul them all the way back up or was "down" enough for one day?…

Harper Sue Learning to Poo

This morning Harper Sue successfully pooped in her potty! While this was the third time she has used her toilet it was the first time she went to the potty on her own, sat down, asked for her Aloha book (aka: the book she likes to read while on the potty) and went poop. Yay Harper!

I decided this was the perfect time to create a more permanent spot for her potty and posted the picture of her morning success nearby with the addition of a gold star.


  1. nanci corzine: Way to go Harper Suebee... way to go mom & dad. Surrounding you with poop energy... may this be the…

Favorite Words

Here’s a quick video of Harper saying some of her favorite words/names.

Video courtesy of my new iPhone 4 that has a front facing video camera.

  1. nanci corzine: Could see her trying to figure out why she could see herself... awesome. By the way... love the hat. Hugs…

Ride ‘em Cowgirl

Harper’s Uncle David made her this gorgeous rocking horse over a year ago. While Harper has been more than happy to have Sheep-y and Angel Bear mount up for ride it’s only been in the last week that our little thrill seeker has taken an interest herself. Yee haw!

Hang’n Around

My sister was a gymnast (a State-level medal-winning gymnast) when we where in high school so we always had a pull up bar in a doorway of our house. At some point we installed a pull up bar at 321 in Palo Alto between the kitchen and the living room and all the housemates had guns (the arm kind) as a result.

The idea to install a pull up bar for Harper Sue occurred to me after a recent swim classes when Harper’s instructor was speaking to the importance of upper body strength in developing the ability for a toddler to climb out of the pool by herself. Fifteen bucks and two days later (thx amazon) we where in business.

It’s so fun to watch her monkey moves and remember back to when Sandi and I would hang on the bar and talk of the phone or brush our teeth or watch tv or… (the list is long).

Here’s a few shot’s of our monkey:


Post lunch stretch

  1. nanci corzine: Great idea. Do you move it up and use it yourself? Remembering some good times from the past. Love, Mom

  2. Aunt Sandi: I luuuuuuv it! Harper seems to too. I think there are some pictures of our pull up bar in a…

  3. nanci corzine: Harper's going to learn lots of things from Aunt Sandi... probably even some I don't know about. This is sooooooooo…

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