Lord Family Tree

We decided to start a new tradition and cut our own Christmas tree this year. It was SO much more fun than getting a tree at the big parking lot adjacent to 24 Hour Fitness.

We loaded up the dependents and headed south past La Honda to Skyline Ranch where you’re handed a saw at the entrance and are given every opportunity to get lost in the woods.

Ira and Harper Sue had a great time digging, sniffing, and stumbling through the tree’s.

After about an hour we circled back and attempted to find the previously identified “perfect tree”. Rob and I had no luck relocating the tree so we solicited Ira for help (he had been digging frantically near the “perfect tree”). When asked to “find your hole” he led us directly back to the spot and we where able to easily find our tree.

Harper was so excited to see the tree at our house and watch it be erected in our living room. We showed her the video of Rob cutting the tree down and she was screaming with excitement and pointing at the tree now standing in our living room. This is a definitely a new family tradition.

More photos and videos here.

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: So much fun for Harper to select and cut down your own tree:) We used to do that also for…

  2. nanci corzine: Loved all the pictures and videos. So glad this has become a Lord Family tradition. Do you remember when we…


Team Lord spent Thanksgiving on our own this year. Just Rob, Patti, Harper Sue and Ira. It was nice to avoid the craziness of airports, parking, and packed planes. While we missed catching up with extended family we enjoyed the rare slow pace with Harper Sue and Ira.

I found a little (300 sqft) cottage on a more remote beach near Pajaro Dunes between Monterey and Santa Cruz that was available for the weekend. The weather on Wed, Thurs, and Fri was amazing: sunny all day and crisp like Fall should be. For three days we watched the sunset from the beach and where all asleep by 8pm.

Before dinner on Thursday afternoon we headed to Nisene Marks to explore the woods. Harper Sue and Ira both had a great time splashing in the puddles. Harper got to experience a diaper change under the redwoods (no fussing for this one) and loved watching the cyclists ride by.

Friday started with a visit from Janene to our little cottage for coffee and conversation before heading to Natural Bridges to catch a glimpse of the monarch butterfly’s migration rest stop.

It rained and rained on Saturday so we headed to Zachary’s for breakfast before packing up and heading home.

Photos and a few videos are available here.

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: Great pictures and videos! Looks like it was a beautiful, relaxing Thanksgiving.

  2. nanci corzine: You have so much to be thankful for. Appreciate your sharing your day on the blog. Loving you always, Mom/Memer'e

Picture of the Day

Santa arrived early this year in the form of a yogurt-loving toddler.

  1. nanci corzine: I know that face! Memer'e

Picture of the Day

The entire way, all by herself!

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: WOW! That looks scary to me! How does she manage not to fall in-between the rungs?

  2. nanci corzine: I loved watching her in motion on this day. She does love to climb and is becoming more self-confident in…

Hand Fed Cows

…no not the Kobe kind but rather the lucky cows who ended up as residents at Little Farm in Tilden Park, Berkeley.

Memere, Harper Sue, and I all headed to Little Farm last week to visit the farm animals and checkout the garden. We stopped off at the grocery store on the way and bought 4 bunches of celery (aka: cow candy). The celery ended up feeding a few geese and 3 cows for about 30 minutes.

Harper has heard a cow’s “muuuu” on iPhone apps, segments of Sesame Street, and Rob and my impersonations but never from a cow itself. The real cow is MUCH louder, deeper, and longer than any rendition she had heard prior and was a bit startling. Harper literally did an abrupt 180º turn away from the barn and toward Mama and Memere when she heard it. Once with us, she was back to her curious (on-the-cautionary-side) self.

  1. miss keri: where's the 'like' button? moo.

  2. nanci corzine: What a wonderful day that was. Not only is Harper building memories so is her Memere'. Love to you all.

Feather Fetish

Harper Sue has a small collection of feathers that she adores and carries around the house lately. I found a wonderfully simple feather book that acts as our reference book. The closest match of a feather in her collection to the feathers included in the book is a kookaburra. What a great word!

Visit with Great Grandma Sue

Rob, Harper Sue and I set out on a one day trip to Laguna Woods to visit Grandma Sue yesterday.

Despite a short (1 hour) departure delay in the morning the trip was super smooth. Harper Sue is a good traveler and we are looking forward to scheduling another day with Grandma Sue soon.

  1. miss keri: i love the last photo - super sweet!!

Little Kitchen

I’ve been looking for a mini kitchen appliance set for Harper Sue for a few months. The challenge was finding one that is not plastic and will fit into our kitchen without moving our existing appliances, oh and isn’t $500!

I found this awesome Ikea Hack but decided it required more hacking than I have interest or time for. Then I found this Sensory Table hack and decided to combine the two into Harper Sue’s kitchen.

The final result is working great so far:

A full gallery of the kitchen station and a list of items I used to build it can be found here.

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: Looks like a lot of fun play for Harper :)

  2. nanci corzine: She'll love feeling responsible for cleaning up her "own" dishes just like she does with everything else you let her…

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