Arrrr Halloween Costume Dev

As Halloween 2010 approached we knew we would have a hard time coming up with a Team Lord costume that would beat last year’s Bee Keeper and Haper Honey SueBee theme. We tossed around the themes from Plants vs. Zombies (Harper would have been the solar producing flower), garden gnomes (with Harper in a wheel barrel), and chef’s with a lobster (Harper as the lobster in a big cooking pot).

And then it was one week to Halloween and we still hadn’t nailed down our Team Lord costume.

Since Rob and I already have full pirate garb in our closets (doesn’t everybody??) I set to work on designing Harper Sue’s accompanying parrot costume. Here are a few process photos:

10/27: Supplies Purchased

10/27: Cape concept begun

10/28: Cape development

10/28 11pm: Body & cape complete

10/29: Fitting was successful

10/30: Hood development complete


10/30: Hood fitting successful

All three of us will be hitting the Noe Valley Rec Center Halloween Carnival later this afternoon and at least one block party as the sun begins it’s descent.

Pic’s off Team Lord in full Halloween garb to follow today’s festivities.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Happy Birthday Memere

  1. nanci corzine: The best birthday present you could have given me. Have watched this quite a few times yesterday and today. Love…

Rainy Daze

Last weekend was a rainy one and by Sunday we had run out of inside games and decided to hit the vacant park.

It’s so fun to watch Harper Sue play in the rain. She was the only one of us who stayed warm and completely dry under her rain gear.

  1. nanci corzine: I've watched this so many times... it never gets old. It's so obvious Harper is intelligent by the way she…

Picture of the Day

At Discovery Museum. Slightly disappointed that it's not a penguin.


Harper Sue is starting to use her spoon and fork more regularly at meal times. It’s still a 70/30 split between using fingers over utensils but her interest is growing and her aim is improving.

Swim Update

Harper Sue has been in her new Toddler and Me (14-36 months) swim class for almost 2 months. She is getting more familiar with wearing her goggles and kicking with her flippers on. She has been known to practice the bubble-face maneuver frequently during her nighttime bath session.

Do It Myself (DIM) Dining

Harper Sue can get her own plate, cup, and utensils now.

Rainy Day Gear

The days are getting shorter and the last two weekends have included bouts of drizzly rain in SF. We decided it was time for Harper Sue’s first rain jacket. After looking around at all the frilly or silly options I decided on REI brand rain jacket and pants. Nice for SF because they are not needlessly insulated, have useful functionality like a billed hood with elastic to snug the side of her face, and velcro cuffs. I also stumbled on a used pair of pink sorel-like boots that are furry on the inside and close in lightspeed with one velcro strap. So cozy!

Let the rainy day fun begin.

Rain? What Rain?

Motor'n in her new gear.

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