Edible Art

Harper Sue’s appetite continues to amaze us. Her love of yogurt creates many “works of art” including this one:

Evil Master Plan or Montessori Recommended?

The following video is a glimpse into the workings of either my evil master plan to take over all domestic responsibilities or a step toward an important practical life skill included in most Montessori curriculums.

  1. miss keri: well, with all my free time this house is pretty clean but i hate doing floors. she looks pretty good…

Chrissy Field Trip

Aside from the 30 minute drive over Pac Heights from our house, Chrissy Field could be the most perfect weekend spot for Team Lord.

Ira loves chasing balls through the long grass and retrieving them from the ocean. Harper Sue loves to watch Ira chasing balls and loves the beach break. Neither of them like leaving the beach only to get crammed into the car for half an hour. Lucky for me Harper likes to pursue the Chuckit… all the way to the parking lot (tricky mommy).

The video below is of her 4th pursuit- the first three where all bipedal. She’s obviously getting a bit tired but her determination isĀ unwearied.

Picture of the Day

Harper Sue at Flora Grubb

  1. nanci corzine: I love this picture... and the little one it is of. Memere'

Picture of the Day

Frig art courtesy of Harper Sue Foundation. On display through September 2010. Opening champagne reception Thursday, 9/18 at 5pm. Space is limited.