Web Decorating

No, not interweb SPIDER web. We have had a lot of garden spiders the past 3 weeks. The vast majority of are banded garden spiders which can get pretty big (1 inch bodies) and spin strong webs that have reached 12 feet across in our yard. Amazing!

Harper Sue loves finding and announcing the presence of spiders by their webs. Lately she’s been interested in bedazzling their silky home with leaves and twigs. I think this is in┬áresponse┬áto not being allowed to actually touch the web but regardless of the inspiration she has plenty of webs to work with and an endless interest in the task.

The final product:


Crazy Couch Time

Who doesn’t love running from one end of the couch to the other? If you yourself haven’t done this lately I hope Harper Sue’s enjoyment inspires you.

Pumpkin Patch Visit

It was opening weekend at the Half Moon Bay pumpkin farms and Team Lord was one of the early arrivals. There are at least 10 different pumpkin farms that transform themselves into family fun destinations by adding petting zoo’s, corn maze’s, hay rides, and in one case laser tag.

We stopped briefly at the laser tag cum pumpkin patch (Lemos Farm) but where quickly overwhelmed by the distractions and nearly trampled by the festively dressed toddlers all heading for the goat pen. We where there long enough to snap a few shots before bolting.

We found pumpkin salvation further down Hwy 1 at Bob’s Pumpkin Farm who’s tagline is “Pick ‘em Where They Grow”. Well, that’s mostly true except that all the pumpkins we saw where already cut from the vine and organized by type (Cinderella, Princess, Regular ‘ole Pumpkin). The pumpkins where still in the field and you did have to get a wheel barrel to haul your bounty to the cashier so it was much closer to the experience we where hoping for.

Harper had a blast tramping around the pumpkin patch, throwing dirt clods, and creating dust. Ira enjoyed being outside and was happy to roam around helping us find the perfect pumpkin.

Harper seemed completely at home in the wheel barrel.

  1. Tu Tu: Loved the pumpkin activities :) Our favorite holiday.

  2. nanci corzine: I loved Rob's comment about his "inner pumpkin lover" and that you let Harper explore in her own way and…

Rushing the Net

Harper Sue and I stumbled upon a rare find today: empty tennis courts at Dolores Park!

It was so much fun to watch Harper in full cruise mode with even pavement and free range. She did two laps of the three court fenced section before seeing Ira and Dada passing by on the sidewalk.

Warning: This might be the cutest video evah.


We went to Fort Funston this afternoon mostly because we ran out of time to go to Golden Gate Park and partly because old habits die hard.

It’s not my favorite destination because it’s often significantly more cold and windy than where we live (which is also generally cold and windy). After seeing Harper Sue, Ira, and Rob have so much fun today I’m starting to warm to Fort Funston (pun completely intended).

Picture of the Day

Pointing at pizza!

  1. Tu Tu: Looks like she's a pizza fan - the universal food tht everyone loves :)

Goodnight Pop Pop

Harper Sue’s second word is officially “Pop Pop” (aka: Grandpa Pete). She loves the name so much she’ll apply it to everyone on her goodnight list.

You’ll also notice her giggle fit when we say “Zach!”.

Saying goodnight to all the people in the pictures hanging on the wall is part of her nap/night ritual. We switch out these pictures every couple weeks based on who we’ve seen.

She’s also begun to say “Dada” and “Mama” when referencing Rob and I more and more often. It’s such a treat :)

  1. Elissa: We just love all the pix and videos of Harper. I know I rarely reply, but we always look and…

Summer in September

The weather warmed up this week and gave us a chance for some naked water play (mostly Harper on the naked part).

She loves pouring with her little metal creamer/pitcher and hanging outside with the birds is always fun too.

  1. Tu Tu: Looks like she's having lots of fun:) She's inherited pop pop and tu tu's love of the water :)

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