Play Dough

Harper Sue’s current favorite toy is play dough. She loves to haul it around the house and out to the balcony. We’re still working on “no eat” which astounds me given how much salt and cream of tartar is in my recipe!

Blowing Yogurt Bubbles

Yogurt remains on Harper Sue’s favorite food list for the 6th month in a row.

Her swim lessons with Dada and Pop Pop introduced the notion of underwater bubble face. She is a dedicated student and practices her assignments as often as possible.

  1. Laura: That is too awesome for words.

2 Minutes With SueBee

This video will give all those folks who haven’t seen us in a couple months a peak at Harper’s bipedal progress and everyone a chance to hear her pronounce her first word (@1:18).

  1. Aunt Sandi: OMG. I can't believe this much time has passed. She is really walking. How perfect that her first word is…

  2. Grammie Tu Tu: Great walking! Now that she has one word, she'll start adding words to her vocabulary rapidly:)

  3. Laura: Walking and talking, ZOMG! She's off the hook yo!

Maui 2010

We spent a marvelous 10 days on Maui in August. We stayed at Rob’s folks house in Wailea and our trip overlapped with Rob’s sisters family and a visit from Grandma Sue too. This year we decided to bring our nanny Marina along for the trip and are so glad for it. That meant Date Night was any night… this IS vacation!

We had a big week planned with lots of activities and a challenging time change (yes, that DOES say “3am Wake Up”) so we posted it on the white board and assigned dawn patrol duty evenly between Rob, Marina, and me.

After the five hour leg of our flight she finally had a chance to walk/crawl around the empty gates while we waited for our connection.

Harper Sue had just started taking a few steps before the trip and was inspired by her cousin Zach who at 4 months older is a full sprinter.

This was also Harper Sue’s first time standing in the beach break and she absolutely loved it! Each time a wave would come in she was scream with delight and make every attempt to chase them back into the ocean. The few times she got a face full of spray didn’t deter her excitement and glee of playing in the waves.

Here’s a few of my favorite shots of Harper Sue enjoying Makena (aka: Big Beach):

The other big highlight of the trip for Harper (and us) was the fruit! Lots of amazing local plums, strawberries, and of course mangoes. Here’s a nice shot of Harper eating one of the aforementioned plums and sporting her new Mana Foods tank top:

One of the big kid attractions in the Wailea area of Maui is the pool at the Grand Wailea. Calling it a “pool” is not even close to accurate because it’s actually many many pools linked by swim-through water ways, underground grotto’s, waterfalls, and baby beaches. If you are 12 years old this place IS heaven on earth. If you are 14 months old, the baby beach is where the action is and we spent an afternoon watching Harper explore the miniature version of the adjacent ocean break. Pop Pop (aka: Grandpa Pete) came with us and had a great time building sand castles for Harper to destroy.

We  grabbed an abandoned casabella later in the afternoon and relaxed after a “hard day”:

Our flight home was uneventful and the time change worked in our favor back in San Francisco with Harper Sue’s new rise time at 7am instead of 6am… at least for now.

Pop Pop posted a bunch more photos of the vacation here.