Yogurt Stacking

Harper Sue found a new love of stacking. No, not blocks but rather food related containers.

While this obviously makes for some significant cleanup it’s also a great way to keep her eating while learning what does and doesn’t get food in your mouth most efficiently.

J9 and SF Mime

We where able to squeeze in a visit with Janene before departing for Maui and by chance the SF Mime Troupe was performing in Santa Cruz that day. Harper had a blast digging in the dirt and dancing to the songs in the performance. Even Ira had a good time checking out the duck pond and hanging with the local woof crowd.

Typical Playtime

Harper Sue has recently been super into three toys:

  1. Russian nesting dolls
  2. Jar of Corona beans
  3. Wooden bus, including Driver Dan as navigator

She spends some time every day with each of these and knows where they are located and where to put them back.

  1. nanci corzine: So much fun to see that little brain working... so much for it to explore and learn from. So looking…

Breakfast with Harper Sue

We’ve recently shifted from managing Harper’s food chain from a bite-to-bite distribution model where we would manage the flow of veggies, fruits, and protein rich items one bite at a time to a feed-thyself strategy whereby we put the whole meal in front of her and let her decide in what order she consumes them.

To my delight she typically consumes all food categories by the end of the meal. Yes, the fruit is usually the focus early on and eventually she ends up with a meal casserole or meal shake (she’s really into putting things in her cup and drinking them. Pasta OJ anyone?) but it’s great to see it all go in her belly by the end.

This change of strategy requires more after meal cleanup but it’s a big step toward becoming an independent eater and I’m not too concerned with the blackberry stains on her onesies ;)

Tahoe Pool

One of my main draws to the Resort at Squaw Creek is the pool area. The kiddie pool and adjacent sand box is perfect for entertaining the munchkins. There’s a bigger kids pool (3.5 ft deep) with a slide that goes through the trees for when Harper is older. Selfishly most important is abundance of adult lounge chairs and poolside bar/deli that is well staffed with kind folks who will refill your limeade and bring you turkey wraps while you sit on your ass in the sun.

Aside from staying at the fancy resort we where lucky to have another indulgence: Marina! Her family has a vacation home on Lake Tahoe a mere 2 miles away and the timing worked out perfectly with her rendezvousing with her mom and sis and popping over for a couple hours during the day and evening to give me some time to lay in the sun & read and Rob and I a chance to attend a Moby DJ set and friends BBQ during the evenings.

Dada and Harper Sue spending some quality time in the sandbox.

Marina and Harper Sue soaking up the sun at the pool.

Dada and Harper Sue exploring the boat dock and Marina's gorgeous lakeside home.

The kiddie pool and adjacent sandbox at the Resort at Squaw Creek.

  1. Grammie Tu tu: Looks like she loves the watrer and sand :) We're lloking forward to Maui pool/beach time with all of you…

Harper Discovers Her First Force Field

Harper Sue discovered a force field in our hotel bathroom in Tahoe. She was surprisingly unintimidated  given that this was her first experience with a magical force field and she was able to harness its power quickly, much like Susan Storm in the Fantastic Four.

Here are a few more photos of the experience:

Tug of Woof

This is Harper’s newest interest: “walking Ira”. No doubt it was born from her morning walks on Dada’s back while he walks the dog. Ira is an absolute love with her and patience beyond what I ever imagined he was capable.

  1. nanci corzine: It's wonderful to see the "growth" of two wonderful beings... you're right about Ira being really patient with Harper. They'll…

Delightful Delirium

After a big day Harper Sue can be pretty freaking tired by 6:15pm. This is a short audio snippet of how punchy she can get when she’s on the last leg toward sleepy time.

Brings back memories of the giggle fits my sister and I would have after we where up past our normal bedtime.

  1. nanci corzine: How wonderful is this! Lucky you to experience such JOY on a daily basis. Lucky us having it shared here…

Tahoe Lounging

We recently returned to Tahoe to attend the Wanderlust Festival at Squaw. We went last year when Harper Sue was just 10 weeks old and new that it would be even more fun this time when she could advantage of more of the resort activities offered. One super fun thing we discovered that was not on the official activities list was spending our mornings (7am -8:30am) exploring the huge resort lounge and conference halls. Here’s a few shots from our excursions.

Since I’ve attended a few sales meetings at this resort I’m familiar with the layout and the best stair cases in the conference area.

Harper Sue in search of the conference room for her next presentation :)

Harper developed a bit of a crush on the cowhide chair and is giving him(her?) a kiss in this shot.

The lounge was cruising heaven for HS. She was even able to practice her bouldering skills on the granite rocks that protrude from the main entrance floor.

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