Weekend Hike

The weather was gorgeous in the Bay Area this weekend. The park was at maximum capacity (over 50,000!!!) for the annual Dyke March and the city turned into one big bash for the 40th Pride Weekend.

Needless to say, hetero’s where fleeing the city in droves ;)

We headed north to Mill Valley on Sunday to hike the Dipsea trail. “Trail” is a bit misleading since 95% of the route is stairs. Rob hiked with Harper Sue on his back, Ira and I simply carried our own butt’s to the top. Rob and I where both whimsical about the beautiful redwood tree’s lining the trail and the local playground. It’s obvious that Mill Valley is one of the places you live when you “win” (per Rob).

  1. nanci corzine: Good picture catch... everyone was looking your way. Rob, you look like you've lost weight perhaps from all the wonderful…

  2. Wendy Shrief: Roby! This blog and your daughter are just adorable. My husband and I are in SF in a few weeks…

  3. Rob Lord: Hey Wendy, Thx. Most of our baby store shopping is online, but there are zome choice shops in Noe Valley…

First Bike

I finally found a Kettler Navigator tricycle on craigslist and it was delivered on Thursday last week.

This particular model has a push bar that can steer the back wheels of the tricycle and the front wheel can lock out, basically turning it into a cycling stroller. I installed a three point harness (not shown in photo below) over the weekend so she’s strapped in as well as with her other stroller.

Harper Sue likes it much better than her umbrella stroller since she can turn around and see me and has full peripheral vision. Not to mention that it makes her look like she’s riding a bike ;)

  1. nanci corzine: And she's stylin' with her helmet too. Pretty cool :) Love to you all, Mom/Memere'

Picture of the Day

Harper Sue has presumably learned HTML5 and is very excited to start applying her skills on the new Microsoft platform.

  1. nanci corzine: I wondered when she'd get her first computer... now I know. :) Memere'

Mission Pool Playground

Mission Pool Playground is Harper Sue’s office. She is typically at the office from 11am-noon weekdays but sometimes drops by on Saturday or Sunday too. Her top priority is bird hunting followed by big-kid observations and sand play. When she’s inspired she’ll climb the stairs to the top of the slide (by herself of course), turn around so her feet are facing down the slide (by herself of course), and descend down the slide. So fun to watch her!

  1. nanci corzine: And a wonderful playground it is. I'll bet she even takes breaks now and again with her fellow age related…

Picture of the Day

I like carrot juice!

  1. nanci corzine: My first laugh of the morning... indeed she does. I'm so glad it's NOT a big deal that she gets…

Storytime with Dada

We spent some time on Father’s Day just hanging with Harper Sue in her nursery.

Last week Harper Sue started handing us the book she wanted us to read (vs. us choosing one to read to her). Once I had read the story to her once she handed the book to Dada for his version. It’s so wonderful to see her so engaged!

  1. nanci corzine: Wow! You can just see those brain cells working (in my day they used to say "wheels turning"). I love…

Learning Tower

We just recently invested in a Learning Tower for Harper Sue to get a better vantage of “the action” in the kitchen, from her nursery window, and all the other places she’ll want to be two feet taller to see.

So far we’ve been picking her up and putting her onto the stand but I don’t think it will take her more than a few days to master her independent access.

She can now “help” me with lunch and dinner prep by tasting everything in advanceĀ and make sure the portions fit into a colander (very important!). She really loves her new higher vantage and it’s great fun to talk to her about all the food prep and menu items.

  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful idea... safer than her little chair and movable. She's definitely growing up into feeling like her own…

Picture of the (Father’s) Day

  1. nanci corzine: What an awesome gift! You're a lucky man Rob. Love, Nanci

  2. linda schutt: How precious!!! I absolutely LOVE the documentation you are creating of Harper Sue's early years. What a gift it will…

  3. Grammie Tutu: Great drawing:) Who's the artist? Hope you had a great Father's Day!

  4. Patti Lord: The artist who transformed this photo into the custom portrait works under the name Emmie Bean. You can find her…

ASL (Advancing Suebee Language)

We are attempting to keep up with Harper Sue’s eagerness to communicate by crash-coursing on the American Sign Language website. Harper had been using and responding to the nursing (aka: milk) sign since month 6 or 7. She picked up “more” around month 8 and most recently has found a true love of the sign for bird. She’ll use the bird sign to both announce when she see’s a bird, to indicate where she saw a bird, and to tell us that she wants to see a bird. Rob and I are both impressed that she is able to identify a bird in many forms- from an actual pigeon on the street to a graphic interpretation of a bird in a poster or in our wallpaper.

I’m starting to use signs for feelings (angry, sad, happy, like, etc.) and won’t be surprised if Harper picks them up pretty quickly. Her desire to communicate is so strong.

Harper Sue making the bird sign.

  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful thing you're doing with her. You go girls. Love, mom/memere'

  2. auntie elissa: That's so cool that she's signing bird in so many contexts. i don't know how you feel about videos, but…