Sunny Sunday + Skates

Team Lord headed down the peninsula on Sunday to rollerskate with Harper Sue and Ira along Canada Road. They close this beautiful section of Canada to car traffic every Sunday for cyclists, skaters, and strollers to enjoy.

Ira LOVED the pace and Harper loved seeing the cyclist whiz by. I used my hiking poles for just-in-case stability with the girl on my back and Rob held onto Ira’s leash. Now all we have to do is train Ira to be a husky and respond to the word “mush” and we might be able to make the full 7 mile loop.

  1. nanci corzine: Know you'll have lots more fun days on your skates wherever you wear them but this place looked awesome. Life…

Franti vs. Mary Jane

This morning I celebrated Harper SueBee’s 11th Mirthday with an introduction to her new big girl shoes. The shoes are still a bit big for her but she stamped around in them for about 2 minutes before pulling them off in what I assume is in protest and continued solidarity with the Barefoot Bodhisattva, Michael Franti.

Her new shoes are these:

Mary Janes by See Kai Run

Ira Play’s Nice

Ira and Harper Sue continue to develop their relationship. Thankfully for Ira this includes more ball toss and toy exchange and less hair pulling.

This morning they passed Ira’s squeaky rubber chicken back and forth a few times, each attempting to impress the other with how loud and frequent the toy squawks could be.