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Busy Body

6:30am–7:30am is a busy hour for Harper Suedoo. She and I hang out in the nursery, listen to the news, play, and wait for daddy to be awake enough to load everyone up for the morning walk. This is hands-down my favorite part of the day.

Yesterday Harper investigated the changing table storage for the 3rd time. This time was particularly exciting to watch since she has grown so much and is not as agile in a 12″ high environment.
Harper’s new favorite toy is a big shopping bag. It makes tons of noise, has nearly-edible handles, and occupies her recent fascination with putting objects in and pulling objects out of containers. She’s also learning to climb while holding a bag- important skill for the 5.11 shopping route.
This new activity of carrying an object and moving from place to place is currently the only incentive i’ve ¬†observed at this stage for walking vs. crawling. She’s such an efficient crawler that it may take more than just carrying capacity to muster more two leg mobility.

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Picture of the Day

Look who learned the cheesy grin!

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Harper Hearts Books

We have a lot of books… in every room… on nearly every shelf. Not surprising that Harper Sue has developed a love of flipping through the pages. Her preference is 400+ page paperbacks but she’ll pretty much flip through anything with a binding.

  1. nanci corzine: Books, music, and it looks like she's going to be a "hands on" kinda girl... YES!!!!!!!

Talk About Taking a Nap!

Naptime has been a religiously scheduled event since Harper was 4 months old. For months she would fall immediately to sleep but lately her morning nap has started with what we can only guess is a review of daily events with Angel Bear. Conversation typically winds down within 20 minutes. Here’s a sampling.

  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful opportunity for her to connect and enjoy herself. How fun for you both to hear that little…

Sunny Days = Backyard Play

We’re having some wonderful weather lately which has given Harper Sue a whole new territory to explore- our backyard.

If you’ve visited our yard you may recall a LOT of pokey plants. No, our garden was not necessarily designed with keiki’s in mind but Harper is learning quickly about gentle touches and what the word “ouch” means. She has found her favorite garden feature (see images below) and has been helping momma pull dead leaves out of the water feature. Fingers crossed that she has her Great Grandma Sue’s love of gardening in her blood. For now, she’s fostering her Grandpa Pete’s love of splashing ;)

"Hey, this looks neat. What is it?"

"Ira come check this out!"

"Woah. Cool."

"I think this is my new favorite thing in the whole world."

  1. nanci corzine: I think you've captured what was actually going on in her mind with your captions. Good job. Won't be long…

Photograph of the Day

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Discovering Discovery Museum

We wrapped up an adventurous mommy daughter weekend on Sunday with a play date with Lilia and her mommy and daddy at Discovery Museum.

What a blast! Harper Sue thoroughly enjoyed the Tot Land adventure area complete with a running stream, crossing bridge, indoor pond (think water bed covered with gymnasium vinyl) and discovery structures of every kind. We are definitely getting a membership to this place and coming back as often as possible.

  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful place. An opportunity to explore and interact with "new friends". Looking forward to sharing this with all…

  2. Barbara Lord: Good to see her learning and having fun. So nice to see her in a cute feminine dress and hat:)

New Favorite Travel Gear

I’ve been looking for an innovative travel crib for the past month- something we can take with us for hotel stays as well as to the park on a sunny day that will meet Harper’s nap environment needs (darkness with limited escape routes). I liked the idea of using one of the backpacking tents we already have but they are all exorbitantly big for one little Harper Sue so I ended up finding a mini-tent from a clever company in europe. We freaking LOVE this tent and heres why:

It packs down small with the mattress, poles, and tent body. The mattress contributes to the majority of the packed size but it is quite comfy for the size. (There’s a nice upgrade opportunity for the manufacturer to add a thermarest-type mattress that could meet the same comfort with 1/4 of the bulk.)

For hotel travel, we can easily leave the mattress behind and use an extra blanket under the tent body for cushioning. In this configuration the tent packs down easily into my carry on roller bag and can be added to a backpack for day use.

Shoe included for size reference.

The thing I like best, hands down, is that it’s essentially a mini backpacking tent. Reminds me of the mini sample tents that The North Face used to make at 1/10 scale. There are a few specific features that make it more crib-like including a zip away top mesh panel so Harper Sue can stick her head out the top (once she’s tall enough) similar to her regular crib, and a black-out/sunshade tent fly that will create a nighttime environment even when the hotel tv is on.

I set the tent up in our living room and both Ira and Harper thought it was pretty cool. I moved it into her nursery last Friday and made a failed attempt to have her take her afternoon nap in it. My next strategy is to move her mid-nap from her regular crib to the tent with hopes that her dreary state will aid the transition and she’ll wake up with some comforting association between sleepy time and the tent. For now, she LOVES playing in the tent and has invited Angel Bear to visit.

Littlelife Arc-3 Travel Cot

  1. nanci corzine: What an awesome tool and stylish too. Good luck with the transition. So glad angel bear accompanied her in her…

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