Close Enough to Kiss

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Mornings are a pretty special. Harper typically wakes up around 5am, eats, and then falls asleep on my chest for a blissful while. It’s hard to look away from her adorable peaceful little face.

  1. Sue Woodruff: Thanks for sharing your pics of sweet lovely Harper. I can hardly beliebve she will be one month on Sunday.…

  2. Rob Lord: Thanks Sue. We'll keep the updates coming. Please do come to SF when you're on the west coast. We have…

  3. nanci corzine: I love having this available to see the newest Harper pics. I loved the slide show of her facial expressions…

Faces of Harper

  1. elissa: she looks like a cute little elf. don't you just love all the expressions!?

Grandparents Lord Visit Harper

Grandparents now twice over, Peter and Barbara Lord visited Harper Sue this weekend in her San Francisco home. More pictures in this photo set.

Grandpa Lord + Harper Grandpa Lord + Harper

Grandma Lord + Harper

Again, you’ll need to be my Flickr Friend to see them. Make yourself a Flickr/Yahoo account and add me “roblord” as a friend then I’ll reciprocate.

Baby Fat

Picture 2

We had our 2 week appointment with our midwife Beah today and where thrilled when Harper weighed in at 6.8 lbs.

Her birth weight was 6.0 so she’s gained nearly 12% of her body weight in less than 14 days. woot! woot!

A Few Faces

Faces Of Harper Sue

Now, we just need to figure out what each expression actually means ;)

Photo Set: Harper, Our Baby

Before Patti + I started this blog, I collected a number of baby photos on  Here are a few of the pictures or you can go directly to the full set. Some of the photos in the set are for friends & family only. Email me for access.

Baby Girl Our Girl

Harper, Day 6

Grandma Corzine’s First Visit

My mom came over for a visit last weekend. She and Harper bonded immediately (Harper is no dummy- she knows who’s going to spoil her silly).