Month 3

Harper Sue in the Pool

Harper Sue has been in the pool nearly every day for the past week. At first she was silent and watchful, now she’s cooing and kicking with the occasional splash. It’s super fun to watch her adapt to new situations and sensations. I have yet to introduce her to the warm ocean water of Maui but will give it a whirl before we head home to the frigid water of NorCal.



  1. nanci corzine: The hat brim almost covers her entire body. Hummmmm... ideas starting to surface.

First Flight for Baby

Our flight to Maui was the first time that Harper Sue has been on a plane and she earned her wings for good behavior. I breastfed her on take off and landing which averted any cabin pressure annoyances and she slept and ate most of the flight. There were a few moments when she was alert and happy, captured here:

IMG_0395 IMG_0398

Liv’in Large

Rob, Harper Sue, and I had brunch at the Grand Wailea last week. Harper was sporting her new fancy unicorn sun hat that my mom made while she was here in Maui. All the other kids where jealous.


Here’s a fabric closeup so you can see the unicorns better:

Picture 3

  1. nanci corzine: I found a purple faux orchid to attach to this hat... would complete the look.

Sleep Toward Crawl?

Harper has a new way of sleeping that seems to indicate progress towards crawling. She’s been ending up in this position, knees bent under butt, for about a week. The ear grab is not as consistent but is indicative of her knew found ability to grab things… most unfortunate for Ira.


The real bonus of this sleep position is the baby butt crack view, made all the better by loosey goosey diapers:


  1. nanci corzine: Ohmygosh! You capture the most wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Love you.

Picture of the Day

Taken today during our morning goof-around session.

Harper 3.5months

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  1. nanci corzine: That look... makes you wonder what she's conjuring up in that little head of hers.

Day 10 in Maui

Today is our tenth day in Maui and I think we have all finally started to appreciate the island lifestyle. hee.

IMG_0131 IMG_0128 IMG_0130

  1. nanci corzine: Everyone needs a vacation. Enjoy.

Picture of the Day

The Man Who Mistook His Daughter for a Hat


  1. miss keri: she gets cuter every day and also makes a very good hat. xo!

  2. Lilia's Mommy: She's even cuter in Hawaii. Wonder if that's true of everyone?

  3. nanci corzine: She's changed even since I left you guys last Friday. I'll have to get to know her again when you're…