Month 3

Picture of the Day

Heading to Ritual Roasters for our morning brew.

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  1. Barbara Lord: I'm not used to seeing her in clothes! Is she wondering what happened to the weather? :)

  2. nanci corzine: She looks like a sweet little candy cane. I too am wondering if she's adjusting to clothes and weather.

Grandpa Lord <3's Harper

On our last night in Maui we took Barb and Pete to dinner at Sarento’s on the Beach. Harper Sue came with us to assure that we each spent some time walking on the beach during dinner. Pete covered most of the “walk Harper” shifts.

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  1. nanci corzine: A happy grandpa with his first granddaughter. This is what life is all about.

Picture of the Day

Harper was looking a little strange this morning.


  1. nanci corzine: Good photo opp. I, initially thought you'd put a doll in her bouncer... then I saw her hands and feet.…

4 Weeks, 4 Generations

Over the 4 weeks we where in Maui we had 4 generations of Lord’s at the house. Great Grandma Sue (Harper Sue’s namesake) came to the island late in our trip. Her tan was better than mine when she arrived due to what I presume is many hours in her blue ribbon garden. We’re looking forward to showing Harper her Great Grandma’s garden soon.


  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful picture of Harper and Sue... one, I'm sure will be cherished.

Toes, Found.

Found: Ten toes attached to the uber-cute legs of one Harper Sue on Tuesday, Sept 8th.

IMG_1002 IMG_1004

IMG_1005 IMG_1007

  1. Laura: Oh this was one of my favorite stages. Can we play again when you get home??

    • Patti Lord: We're home! Let's coordinate.

  2. nanci corzine: I know those toes. I remember kissing them not too long ago. Harper looks pretty pleased with herself... first finding…

Zombies are Fascinating

Rob has been hooked on a new Zombies video game for the last couple of weeks. The game has a  funny premise about planting a garden that protects your home from zombies. I think it’s fun to watch. Harper agrees.

BTW: Check out all the hair on that kid’s head!


Morning on Makena

This morning Harper Sue and I accompanied Rob and Ira on their morning walk and fetch down Makena Beach. Also known as Big Beach, the walk down and back takes about an hour and offers Ira at least 30 opportunities for ball retrieving glory. He does not dissapoint.

At 7:30am the usually busy beach is nearly empty and the view is amazing with Molokini in the distance and soft golden sand underfoot.  Our return home on Wednesday is coming up fast and while most of the “action” this trip was keeping up with Harper’s nap and feeding schedule I still feel we are all a little worn out from vacationing. I’m starting to wish we had more time here to rest up before heading home. Wait, what?? :)


Tropical First Food Paradise

Harper has been sampling (aka: licking) the wonderful bounty of fruits growing in the front yard. Today she spent a good 10 minutes grazing on a mango seed. Yesterday she was hooked on drops of young coconut water. By the time we leave she’ll be sucking down Lava Flows like a native.


Massage Message

Harper’s vacation in Maui is going great. She’s loving her mama massages as you can see and hear below!

  1. Lilia's Mommy: Ohmigoodness, Adam and I are both puddles on the floor. If you and Rob ever need a break, we'll take…

  2. nanci corzine: She's really made the connection with her voice. It's a wonder... the beginnings of language... I can see it happening…


  4. Barbara Irish: Hi Guys, Love the video. She is getting so big and beautiful. Keep up the amazing parenting. Love ya, Barb

  5. nanci corzine: I keep coming back to these little videos. There is so much love in them. Have I told you lately…

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Picture of the Day


Silly hat courtesy of  Memere’ (aka: Grandma Corzine)

  1. nanci corzine: It finally fits! Not exactly a "sun hat" but definitely a fashion statement (and one of a kind). Love to…

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