Power to the Bipedal

Last week Harper Sue decided she’d like to push her transport vehicle (aka: HTV) down the hall on two feet. The first time she cruised all the from our entrance landing to the end of the hallway. Not an hour later she was back for more, this time down the hall through the kitchen and back down the hall!

We’re pretty sure that her extended nap’s (2 hours/nap is not unusual) has a lot to do with her experimentation with walking.

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  1. nanci corzine: Went back to hear her glass singing and found this. Don't know why this happens but sometimes on the blog…

Standing Tall

Harper Sue is mastering her ability to stand up independently. It’s terrific to see her proud expression when she’s successful and even more exciting to see her not get frustrated when she falls on her butt mid-attempt. She’s been averaging 10-15 successful stands/day and has now stood in every room of the house.

In other mobility news, Harper has nearly mastered down-climbing stairs and playground slides. She has been able to climb up our front entry stairs for a couple months. Today she completely impressed me by climbing from the backyard all the way to the top office level! So great!

  1. nanci corzine: It was fun seeing these "free standing instants" my last visit. Sounds like they're getting longer and longer. Won't be…

Busy Body

6:30am–7:30am is a busy hour for Harper Suedoo. She and I hang out in the nursery, listen to the news, play, and wait for daddy to be awake enough to load everyone up for the morning walk. This is hands-down my favorite part of the day.

Yesterday Harper investigated the changing table storage for the 3rd time. This time was particularly exciting to watch since she has grown so much and is not as agile in a 12″ high environment.
Harper’s new favorite toy is a big shopping bag. It makes tons of noise, has nearly-edible handles, and occupies her recent fascination with putting objects in and pulling objects out of containers. She’s also learning to climb while holding a bag- important skill for the 5.11 shopping route.
This new activity of carrying an object and moving from place to place is currently the only incentive i’ve ¬†observed at this stage for walking vs. crawling. She’s such an efficient crawler that it may take more than just carrying capacity to muster more two leg mobility.

  1. nanci corzine: WOW!!!!! What a change in one year. These two little videos definitely show she knows what she wants and doesn't…

Franti vs. Mary Jane

This morning I celebrated Harper SueBee’s 11th Mirthday with an introduction to her new big girl shoes. The shoes are still a bit big for her but she stamped around in them for about 2 minutes before pulling them off in what I assume is in protest and continued solidarity with the Barefoot Bodhisattva, Michael Franti.

Her new shoes are these:

Mary Janes by See Kai Run

Happy Kiddo

Marina snapped this little gem on Tuesday. Harper is spending a lot more time standing up and has been trying out “look mama, no hands” more regularly too. Oh GOD :\¬† :)

  1. nanci corzine: She is undoubtedly the happiest 10 month old I've ever interacted with and it all shows in this one picture.…

Strike a Pose

Harper Sue continues to love climbing on her foot stool. It’s almost always the first activity of the morning (after the boob) and her skill set has improved to the point that I can’t remember the last time she tumbled off. She is learning to back climb off the stool which will come in *very* handy on our entrance stairs.

Baby Scramble

This little foot stool has been the perfect height for Harper to practice her ascents and descents and the ottoman is perfect for her nibble-stand (standing while nibbling on the edge of the ottoman).

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Early Summits

We have been amazed out how quickly Harper’s mobility has increased. From standing erect on her 8th Mirthday to climbing and “cruising” upright in her upstairs gym, she’s been fearless in her summit endeavors. There have certainly been some big falls and load bonks but nothing that has remained in her little memory as a dissuading factor in her ambition.

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  2. miss keri: i want a play room like that. does Harper like to share?!

  3. Patti Lord: @misskeri She LOVES to share and is a BIG fan of putting her toes in peoples noses too!

A Door of Her Own

Harper Sue found the “dog” door last week and it has been her primary crawl-to destination since. If the nursery door is open she will make a b-line out, through the entrance landing, past the bathroom, through the kitchen, down the step (more and more gracefully each time) into the back mud room and to the “dog” door. So far, Ira has managed to avoid running her down on his way in but this scenario is inevitable.

  1. nanci corzine: I got some good pictures of her with the dog door too. Will share them next time I see you.…

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