Hang’n Around

My sister was a gymnast (a State-level medal-winning gymnast) when we where in high school so we always had a pull up bar in a doorway of our house. At some point we installed a pull up bar at 321 in Palo Alto between the kitchen and the living room and all the housemates had guns (the arm kind) as a result.

The idea to install a pull up bar for Harper Sue occurred to me after a recent swim classes when Harper’s instructor was speaking to the importance of upper body strength in developing the ability for a toddler to climb out of the pool by herself. Fifteen bucks and two days later (thx amazon) we where in business.

It’s so fun to watch her monkey moves and remember back to when Sandi and I would hang on the bar and talk of the phone or brush our teeth or watch tv or… (the list is long).

Here’s a few shot’s of our monkey:


Post lunch stretch

  1. nanci corzine: Great idea. Do you move it up and use it yourself? Remembering some good times from the past. Love, Mom

  2. Aunt Sandi: I luuuuuuv it! Harper seems to too. I think there are some pictures of our pull up bar in a…

  3. nanci corzine: Harper's going to learn lots of things from Aunt Sandi... probably even some I don't know about. This is sooooooooo…

Picture of the Day

The entire way, all by herself!

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: WOW! That looks scary to me! How does she manage not to fall in-between the rungs?

  2. nanci corzine: I loved watching her in motion on this day. She does love to climb and is becoming more self-confident in…

Monkey On My Back

Harper Sue has outgrown (per weight) our Kokopax carrier. We’ve used the hell out of this first carrier and love having her on our back vs. in a stroller mostly because we are able to sing songs with her and respond to her questions and finger points more easily. It just feels like we’re all more engaged when she’s on our back. That said, she’s freaking heavy! and the Kokopax lack of a hip belt to transfer her weight most efficiently is taking a toll.

We headed to REI to check out their selection of child carriers and where unimpressed with how big and bulky most of the options where. Thankfully, Little Life makes a simple self standing carrier with a good hip belt and shoulder straps with sternum strap called the Discoverer. The pack also carries kids up to 44 lbs. so we’ll get at least another 6 months of use before Harper Sue outgrows it.

Trying on packs at REI.

Harper Sue's new ride.

Little Mover

Harper Sue is damn near running now which as many of you know creates a whole new game for Rob and I. It’s great to find places that she can just roam on her own for long periods of time (which in toddler time means 20 minutes).

Our hotel hallway wrapped around the entire wing and we spent many sessions just following at a distance or being chased by Harper Sue. While we’d prefer a natural environment over the wall to wall carpet of a Hilton hallway, Harper had a blast and it was lovely to not have to tell her “no touch” every 2 feet like we do walking with her in the Mission.

  1. Elissa: Put on those running shoes mommy and daddy! : )

  2. nanci corzine: I love watching this. She not only is enjoying her mobility but understands everything you say and what she's bringing…

Crazy Couch Time

Who doesn’t love running from one end of the couch to the other? If you yourself haven’t done this lately I hope Harper Sue’s enjoyment inspires you.

Rushing the Net

Harper Sue and I stumbled upon a rare find today: empty tennis courts at Dolores Park!

It was so much fun to watch Harper in full cruise mode with even pavement and free range. She did two laps of the three court fenced section before seeing Ira and Dada passing by on the sidewalk.

Warning: This might be the cutest video evah.

2 Minutes With SueBee

This video will give all those folks who haven’t seen us in a couple months a peak at Harper’s bipedal progress and everyone a chance to hear her pronounce her first word (@1:18).

  1. Aunt Sandi: OMG. I can't believe this much time has passed. She is really walking. How perfect that her first word is…

  2. Grammie Tu Tu: Great walking! Now that she has one word, she'll start adding words to her vocabulary rapidly:)

  3. Laura: Walking and talking, ZOMG! She's off the hook yo!

Wall Cruising

Harper Sue has been cruising along the walls of the house a lot this past week. She’s also been hauling ass down the hall pushing her wagon. I would not be surprised if she decided to try a first step before we leave for Maui.

Walking is such a difficult skill to master. Rob was reminded recently that walking is essentially falling forward and catching yourself with every step.

I’m so looking forward to walking around town with her not to mention how many additional skills she can learn (ex: getting dressed) once she’s mastered a steady stand. Fun!

  1. nanci corzine: It's been awhile since I've checked my email. So fun catching up with Harper and her advancing growth. You guys…

  2. Grammie Tu Tu: It will be fun watching Harper and Zacky run around, chasing each other in Maui :) He recognizes her in…

Cruising Update

Harper continues to have a great time pushing her wagon through the house. She has had little/no interest in getting IN the wagon and being pushed (for those who had seen her prior to her bipedal discovery this news might amaze you).

Here’s a little clip of her progress after 2 weeks of pushing.

  1. nanci corzine: It was so wonderful seeing all of you yesterday and actually seeing Harper "strut her stuff". She is changing so…

Standing with Mini Angel Bear

Standing up was a big deal for Harper Sue about a month ago but didn’t last longer than a few days. I’m happy to say standing up is cool again! Most likely because she is intrigued by the vantage that is becoming more familiar due to her HTV.

This morning she was giving Mini Angel Bear the view from way up.

  1. nanci corzine: Good balance. I can remember when she first semi stood and the wobbliness of that. She really looks grounded here.…

  2. Aunt Sandi: Ahhh, it's so cool to watch her progress toward greater mobility! I LOVE the wide leg stance. Thanks for posting…

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