Hand Fed Cows

…no not the Kobe kind but rather the lucky cows who ended up as residents at Little Farm in Tilden Park, Berkeley.

Memere, Harper Sue, and I all headed to Little Farm last week to visit the farm animals and checkout the garden. We stopped off at the grocery store on the way and bought 4 bunches of celery (aka: cow candy). The celery ended up feeding a few geese and 3 cows for about 30 minutes.

Harper has heard a cow’s “muuuu” on iPhone apps, segments of Sesame Street, and Rob and my impersonations but never from a cow itself. The real cow is MUCH louder, deeper, and longer than any rendition she had heard prior and was a bit startling. Harper literally did an abrupt 180º turn away from the barn and toward Mama and Memere when she heard it. Once with us, she was back to her curious (on-the-cautionary-side) self.

  1. miss keri: where's the 'like' button? moo.

  2. nanci corzine: What a wonderful day that was. Not only is Harper building memories so is her Memere'. Love to you all.