Visit to the Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts just reopened after a $12M renovation. Janene, Harper Sue, Ira, Rob, and I all headed out to explore this beautiful park next to the Exploratorium.

There where more bird species than Harper has ever seen in one place including swans, mallard ducks, seagulls, and crows. Lot’s of other toddlers where cruising around the pond and palace and the weather was gorgeous.

Harper Sue decided to take a bench break before heading around the pond.

Janene hanging with 'da ladies.

Picture of the Day

All aboard! Janene and Harper Sue in the caboose at Randall Museum.

  1. nanci corzine: So glad Janene was able to come for a visit... friends are wonderful things. Blessed be. Mom

Visit to the Randall Museum

Janene came up for a wonderful visit this weekend. She’s the art teacher at a Montessori school in Santa Cruz and knows all the cool places for kids in San Francisco too.

On route to the Cal Academy of Science Janene proposed a detour to the Randall Museum just up the hill from us in Corona Heights. The museum is significantly smaller than Cal Academy but included ALL of Harper Sue’s hot interests:

  • Trains- continued interest from Pop Pop’s Christmas train set
  • Owls- there’s a store window full of different size/shape owls on route to her regular playground
  • Climbing- there are hiking trails that lead from the museum to the top of Corona Heights with some amazing 360ยบ views of the city

Randall Museum is such a gem and I’m looking forward to showing Pop Pop the HUGE trainscape (made up word) in the basement.

Janen and Harper exploring train sounds. Harper's version of "All aboard!" is the cutest thing evah.

Fire in the disco! One of the many town scenes included in the trainscape in the basement of the museum.

Janene is halfway up the hill with a view of the castro and mission below.