Tug of Woof

This is Harper’s newest interest: “walking Ira”. No doubt it was born from her morning walks on Dada’s back while he walks the dog. Ira is an absolute love with her and patience beyond what I ever imagined he was capable.

  1. nanci corzine: It's wonderful to see the "growth" of two wonderful beings... you're right about Ira being really patient with Harper. They'll…

Hanging with Lilia

… literally.

Our friend Lilia came over for a play date recently. They had a great time exploring the back deck and seeing who could climb the highest and hang the longest. Lilia was the clear winner in both categories.

Some of you might remember Lilia as she was the first baby Ira ever met (Ira was 4 months, Lilia was 8 months).

Most of you have seen Harper Sue in some of Lilia’s baby clothes. Lilia’s mom and I have a similar fashion sense when it comes to dressing our little ones.


  1. Laura: ahhhh, loved seeing the side by sides of our kidlets!

  2. nanci corzine: Was so good meeting Lilia and her momma the last time I was over. All of you are so fortunate…

Pictures of the Day

New a gallery is up at Flicker: Harper Sue in the Playroom.  Here are a few pics from the gallery.

  1. nanci corzine: OMG! What wonderful pictures. She just gets more beautiful every time I see her. You did a good job of…

  2. nanci corzine: Just perusing these pics again and noticed ALL THE CURLS... thank you Rob for that wonderful gene. My mom used…

  3. Grammie Tutu: Great set of 44 pictures! Now we have more to print and frame for all locations. We'll save some wall…

  4. Rob Lord: Pleased you like them. Fun taking + processing them. :)

Weekend Hike

The weather was gorgeous in the Bay Area this weekend. The park was at maximum capacity (over 50,000!!!) for the annual Dyke March and the city turned into one big bash for the 40th Pride Weekend.

Needless to say, hetero’s where fleeing the city in droves ;)

We headed north to Mill Valley on Sunday to hike the Dipsea trail. “Trail” is a bit misleading since 95% of the route is stairs. Rob hiked with Harper Sue on his back, Ira and I simply carried our own butt’s to the top. Rob and I where both whimsical about the beautiful redwood tree’s lining the trail and the local playground. It’s obvious that Mill Valley is one of the places you live when you “win” (per Rob).

  1. nanci corzine: Good picture catch... everyone was looking your way. Rob, you look like you've lost weight perhaps from all the wonderful…

  2. Wendy Shrief: Roby! This blog and your daughter are just adorable. My husband and I are in SF in a few weeks…

  3. Rob Lord: Hey Wendy, Thx. Most of our baby store shopping is online, but there are zome choice shops in Noe Valley…


It seems that there are two Happy Tent Camper’s in the family. I haven’t seen them both in the tent at the same time- Ira usually vacates when Harper Sue climbs in- but it’s bound to happen sometime.

  1. Grammie Tutu: Looks like Harper and Ira may become tent buddies:)

  2. nanci corzine: What a wonderful investment this was for you. Little did you know how many it would serve. I remember Aunt…

Sunny Sunday + Skates

Team Lord headed down the peninsula on Sunday to rollerskate with Harper Sue and Ira along Canada Road. They close this beautiful section of Canada to car traffic every Sunday for cyclists, skaters, and strollers to enjoy.

Ira LOVED the pace and Harper loved seeing the cyclist whiz by. I used my hiking poles for just-in-case stability with the girl on my back and Rob held onto Ira’s leash. Now all we have to do is train Ira to be a husky and respond to the word “mush” and we might be able to make the full 7 mile loop.

  1. nanci corzine: Know you'll have lots more fun days on your skates wherever you wear them but this place looked awesome. Life…

Ira Play’s Nice

Ira and Harper Sue continue to develop their relationship. Thankfully for Ira this includes more ball toss and toy exchange and less hair pulling.

This morning they passed Ira’s squeaky rubber chicken back and forth a few times, each attempting to impress the other with how loud and frequent the toy squawks could be.

HTV: Harper Transport Vehicle

  1. Patti Lord: wordpress no like flickr video?

  2. nanci corzine: I guess your comment means this didn't get posted with the "little red wagon" posting. I found it this morning…

Hallway Crawl

Harper’s morning ritual now includes crawling the hallway end-to-end…in pursuit of the dog’s kibble dish.

  1. nanci corzine: OMG she's really cruisin'. I love it... a girl that knows what she wants and has a way to get…

A Door of Her Own

Harper Sue found the “dog” door last week and it has been her primary crawl-to destination since. If the nursery door is open she will make a b-line out, through the entrance landing, past the bathroom, through the kitchen, down the step (more and more gracefully each time) into the back mud room and to the “dog” door. So far, Ira has managed to avoid running her down on his way in but this scenario is inevitable.

  1. nanci corzine: I got some good pictures of her with the dog door too. Will share them next time I see you.…

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