Epic Blackberry Popsicle

With shout-outs to Pop Pop, Tu Tu and Mer Mer.

  1. nanci corzine: Time to plan all her clothes around that rich, yummy purplish blackberry color for awhile. It's so wonderful seeing her…

Reading with Grandma

Grandma Corzine (aka Memere) came for a quick visit yesterday with her sister (aka Harper Sue’s great Aunt Kay). It was a fast and furious activity day that included swim class with a 3-person cheer squad on the benches, luncheon, and finally ¬†story time with Memere:

  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful visit and Kay was thrilled to finally meet Harper. 6 weeks was too long not to see…

Easter with The Lord’s

We met up with The Lord’s Gang at Huntington Gardens on Sunday morning and spent the day meandering through the beautiful grounds. We took an unplanned break near a lovely pond and gave the kiddo’s a chance to explore.

Harper Sue attempted to purse snatch G Grandma Sue’s bag, pull Cousin Zach’s hair, and wrestle her Dada to the ground before convincing Grandma Tu Tu to carry her into a restricted zone. All in a days adventure for our sinister ‘lil SueBee.

Purse snatch attempt

Eyeing her target, a.k.a. Zacharoo

Kicking Dada to the ground

Coercing Grandma into no-no land

All in all it was a lovely day and Grandpa Lord posted  some nice pictures of Harper Sue on her best behavior:

  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful "first Easter" for Harper and wonderful memories for everyone else. And life goes on. Do so appreciate…


Courtesy of a sweet ‘lil christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa Roll.

  1. nanci corzine: What an adorable hat. I particularly like the first one with that big smile of hers. She's beginning to have…

  2. Grammie Tutu: She certainly is a hat girl! She's always wearing a stylish hat :)

A Week of Grandmas

Harper Sue has a GRAND week this week. She gets to see both her grandmothers and her great grandmother too!

We kicked things off on Monday with a visit from Grandma Memere/Corzine and had fun playing with toys, changing diapers, and eating! Grandma tried her hand at playing “hit the mouth” with Harper Sue as the target and stewed prunes as the beanbags. She’s number two on the leader board. See the replays and the results below. The best part of the feeding Harper is seeing her impersonation of hungry baby birds- it’s quite impressive especially with all the flapping ;)


  1. nanci corzine: Memories are oh so sweet... and you did a good job of capturing "the moment". The only thing missing are…

  2. linda: What an awesome photo! What precious memories! Love to all, Linda

  3. nanci corzine: This poem, written during the night after my recent visit should have been posted here... makes more sense... here it…

4 Weeks, 4 Generations

Over the 4 weeks we where in Maui we had 4 generations of Lord’s at the house. Great Grandma Sue (Harper Sue’s namesake) came to the island late in our trip. Her tan was better than mine when she arrived due to what I presume is many hours in her blue ribbon garden. We’re looking forward to showing Harper her Great Grandma’s garden soon.


  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful picture of Harper and Sue... one, I'm sure will be cherished.

Happy (Grand)Fathers Day

To: Grandpa Roll and Grandpa Lord

From: Harper Sue

(She would have got you a present but the only think she can make right now is poopy diapers so this is better.)

DSCN1333 DSCN1327 DSCN1337

  1. Pete aka Pop Pop: Hi Patti, Rob, Harper, Ira, The bib and the photos are great. How was your day at the beach? Did…

    • Rob Lord: Great day @ the beach. Ira's fetch is improving. He's a herder, not a retriever by nature. =)

Grandparents Lord Visit Harper

Grandparents now twice over, Peter and Barbara Lord visited Harper Sue this weekend in her San Francisco home. More pictures in this photo set.

Grandpa Lord + Harper Grandpa Lord + Harper

Grandma Lord + Harper

Again, you’ll need to be my Flickr Friend to see them. Make yourself a Flickr/Yahoo account and add me “roblord” as a friend then I’ll reciprocate.

Grandma Corzine’s First Visit

My mom came over for a visit last weekend. She and Harper bonded immediately (Harper is no dummy- she knows who’s going to spoil her silly).