Sippy Cup Sipper

In our attempt to introduce hydration to Harper Sue we have no fewer than four different types of sippy cups in our cupboard. The most recent model seems to have met the match and while water was not a big hit my homemade veggie broth has. It’s great to watch her gulping down all those vitamins and her poop is posing less of an all-day challenge thanks to the additional hydration.

  1. nanci corzine: I always love your postings... they're always so informational. Thanks. It was fun watching her figure out how to use…

A Week of Grandmas

Harper Sue has a GRAND week this week. She gets to see both her grandmothers and her great grandmother too!

We kicked things off on Monday with a visit from Grandma Memere/Corzine and had fun playing with toys, changing diapers, and eating! Grandma tried her hand at playing “hit the mouth” with Harper Sue as the target and stewed prunes as the beanbags. She’s number two on the leader board. See the replays and the results below. The best part of the feeding Harper is seeing her impersonation of hungry baby birds- it’s quite impressive especially with all the flapping ;)


  1. nanci corzine: Memories are oh so sweet... and you did a good job of capturing "the moment". The only thing missing are…

  2. linda: What an awesome photo! What precious memories! Love to all, Linda

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Solids Going Smoothly

Harper Sue has now been introduced to six different foods: bananana, carrot, avocado, prune, Fuji apple, and acorn squash. She has devoured nearly all of them on first taste and eventually even warmed to avocado when Fuji apple was added (thx for the tip Laura!).

It’s been tons of fun watching her experience food. Her most common reaction is “mmmmmm”. Who knew that sounds was hard wired to tasty treats?

I took an “Introducing Solids” class at Natural Resources about a month ago and was introduced to the Petit Appetite book that I’ve been following since. Admittedly the recipes for months four to six are pretty no-brainer:

Place prunes and water in a small saucepan and boil over medium heat. Puree prunes in food processor with a steel blade. Add cooking liquid to adjust consistency.

but it has a good list of “try first” and the recipes get more interesting as Harper Sue gets older.

Next up: Peas

What goes in must come out and Harper had her first grown up poop yesterday. It wasn’t easy- lot’s of crying and pushing and crying and pushing- but she succeeded and will undoubtedly have an easier and easier time of it. I played the role of doula during the event with lots of encouragement and “good job”s.

On a tip from the Solids class I’ve been cooking a larger quantity of baby food and freezing it in single serving (ice cube) trays. It really makes it easy to just pull two cubes out the night before and quickly heat them up in the morning. Plus, they look pretty!

Any other tips/tricks to food prep and recipes?

  1. nanci corzine: Goodbye Gerber Foods... Hello healthy eating. Yea for the Lords!

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Carrot = Hit!

After her lukewarm review of avocado we decided to shift toward a sweeter vegetable offer and introduce Harper Sue to the lovable carrot. It was a hit as you can tell from the photos. It’s so fun to see her messy!

IMG_0297 IMG_0303

IMG_0301 IMG_0299


  1. Lilia's Mommy: Adorable! Lilia's favorite food was avocado mashed with homemade applesauce. Sounds odd, but even I thought it was quite tasty.

  2. nanci corzine: She looks happy with this fairly new endeavor. Good for all of you.

  3. Barbara Lord: Looking forward to seeing her eat her Thanksgiving dinner :)

Somewhat Solid Food

We started introducing a few new tastes and textures to Harper Sue this week. Banana is the first official introduction. “Official” in the since that we made a quantity specifically for her, added some breast milk, and served with a fancy silicon spoon. As you can see, it was a hit. Avocado is next on the list.

Here’s video action of the process. Her craving for more makes it a little difficult to ascertain whether she’s enjoying the experience or not. Also, you can’t completely see that I’m using a hand gesture when asking her if she’d like “more?”. I promise I’m not just torturing her. We’re actually starting to be more consistent with a few sign language gestures. “More” is one that most babies pick up on pretty quick.

  1. Barbara Lord: The video is marked "private". Can you make it available to view ? :)

  2. Lilia's Mommy: ditto on the private video!

  3. Patti Lord: just changed the settings. should be able to see it now. enjoy!

  4. nanci corzine: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Another milestone. It'll be fun to watch this in person. Hope she likes all of the new food adventures.