Dolores Park

Picture of the Day

Awesome dad day: Thor and Rob with Tesla and Harper Sue. Courtesy of our snappy friend Ann Larie






Dolores Picnic with Tesla

We spent most of the day on Saturday in Dolores Park hanging out with a bunch of San Francisco friends/families. Tesla is 3 and was showing Harper Sue a bunch of new games she had invented on the fly. Apparently one of the games involved Harper honing her archery skills while Tesla worked on mastery of the hoolahoop.

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: Looks like Harper had a fun day :)

Rainy Daze

Last weekend was a rainy one and by Sunday we had run out of inside games and decided to hit the vacant park.

It’s so fun to watch Harper Sue play in the rain. She was the only one of us who stayed warm and completely dry under her rain gear.

  1. nanci corzine: I've watched this so many times... it never gets old. It's so obvious Harper is intelligent by the way she…

Park Life

When it’s sunny in San Francisco everyone hits Dolores Park. Harper Sue is no exception.

She just recently started climbing on top of us. It’s incredibly fun.

  1. nanci corzine: Seeing your little family on these snippets always makes my heart warm and cuddly... the next best thing to actually…

BIG Sunday

Harper Sue had an event-packed day today. Started with a pancake & champagne brunch at our house before heading out to stroll the car-free Sunday Streets route and finally heading back in time to catch the San Francisco Symphony performing in our front yard.

Sunday Streets is inspired by the Ciclovía in Bogota, Columbia that draws more than 1.5 million people to walk, bike, skate and enjoy more than 70 miles of streets opened to people – and closed to automobile traffic – every week. The concept has spread around the world from Tokyo, Japan to Kiev, Ukraine and is a BIG hit here in San Francisco.

After we boogied back to the house, did a quick diaper change, grabbed a blanket and headed across the street to Dolores Park for the 6th Annual *FREE* San Francisco Symphony performance. Last year it was overcast and cold but we enjoyed the entire performance. This year the weather was gorgeous, the park was packed!, and we ended up lasting less than an hour. The sun used to be the reason we stayed out longer and now is a factor to contend with, at least until Harper can start wearing sunscreen.

A bustling day that ends with Rob making a mean salad for dinner and me sharing the festivities with my favorite peeps: YOU.

  1. Brynn Evans: Looks fun! Breakfast was great (thanks again) — and thanks for sharing the Sunday Streets & Symphony videos since we…

  2. nanci corzine: Isn't it nice to be able to do these things AGAIN and as a family? I'm looking forward to sharing…

Picnic with Lizzy & Paul

Lizzy and Paul brought mom a yummy burrito from El Tepa and held the baby while I ate. Harper Sue was conked out the entire time but at least she wasn’t screaming. Who could be upset with weather like this?

Note to self: We must do this often weekly.

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Thanks to Paul for taking the pictures.

  1. Lilia's Mommy: Um, yeah, we're jealous.