Christmas Card Photoshoot

Christmas Card Photoshoot

From our 2011 Christmas card shoot w/ the talented Myleen Hollero.

Actual Christmas card shot not shown. You’ll have to wait for it. :)

  1. nanci corzine: Love them all! Looking forward to seeing what you chose. Blessings, Mom/Memere'

  2. tutu: Great pictures :) I'm trying to print the one with the 3 of you with big smiles :)

Climb Every Mountain

  1. Tu Tu: UP! UP! UP! and then DOWN! DOWN! DOWN! What fun :)

  2. Tu Tu: Up Up Up! Down Down Down! What fun!

Pop Pop’s Train

The highlight of Christmas in San Diego was Pop Pop’s train set. Not only where familiar photos placed near the tracks for the kids but the entire table was a yes-touch zone (as opposed to no-touch which is prevalent in a toddler’s life).

Zach was happy to show Harper how to work the speed and direction lever- I’ve never seen a train move so fast going backward!

It brought back memories of my own Grandpa Roll’s train set when I was little. So nice to have that tradition continue with Harper Sue.

Conductor Pop Pop

Welcome home Harper

Trouble ahead!

  1. nanci corzine: What an awesome PopPop and what a wonderful tradition... trains will always be "in". Blessings, Nanci

Christmas 2010 Set

Team Lord thoroughly enjoyed Christmas with the extended Lord + Claar family. Here are a few pics from the full set on Flickr (if your account is a friend or family connection to mine).

Harper + Zack

Harper jingles bells

Harper spots Santa’s sleigh

  1. nanci corzine: These are all precious pictures. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Harper's first Christmas. Time sure does fly when…

Mystery Gift-er

Harper Sue received a lovely christmas gift of the following items from via a (currently) mysterious sender.

The mystery could have easily been solved with a quick live chat with but the shipping box the gifts arrived in was reused before any reference info was noted (it is the holidays and sturdy shipping boxes hold high value).

I’m posting in the hopes that whoever sent the gift might follow our little blog and reveal themselves in exchange for a nice thank you card.

  1. Tu Tu: Did you hear from Sue Woodruff about this gift?

  2. Patti Lord: Gifter revealed! Thank you Sue W. for the lovely items.


Zack and Harper Sue seem to be more familiar with each other on our Christmas visit. I’m sure this has something to do with both parents efforts in the interim with pictures and videos mixed with some natural social development. Whatever the reason it was nice to watch them interact and work out minor disputes. Of course the hand-holding and hugs are what end up in photos ;)

Here’s the best of my cell phone captures.

  1. tutu: I love the pictures of the two of them interacting :) We have some good ones too on our flickr…

  2. nanci corzine: I fondly remember my childhood interactions with cousins... they stay with you always. So glad these two are building them…

Kittens at Union Square Macy’s

Harper and I visited Union Square last week and once off the J Line we bee lined to the Macy’s window to check out the SPCA kitten window.

  1. nanci corzine: It was so much fun witnessing Harper's enthrallment with Meeko when she was here so I'm not surprised about this…

Visiting Memére in Merced

Team Lord packed up the crew and headed east to the central valley this past weekend for a visit to Memére’s house.

We played at the house, took a stroll around the UC Merced campus, and had dinner with Jan.

The 2 hour drive was a breeze since we traveled during Harper Sue’s normal afternoon nap.

The first of many trips to visit and  looking forward to including a visit to Yosemite next time.

Harper's in charge on the UC Merced campus.


UC Merced quad and honorary "I like to pinch" monument in the background.

"This is May-may's tree."

  1. nanci corzine: What fun having all of you with me here in Merced. So glad you got to see our "gleaming star"…

Lord Family Tree

We decided to start a new tradition and cut our own Christmas tree this year. It was SO much more fun than getting a tree at the big parking lot adjacent to 24 Hour Fitness.

We loaded up the dependents and headed south past La Honda to Skyline Ranch where you’re handed a saw at the entrance and are given every opportunity to get lost in the woods.

Ira and Harper Sue had a great time digging, sniffing, and stumbling through the tree’s.

After about an hour we circled back and attempted to find the previously identified “perfect tree”. Rob and I had no luck relocating the tree so we solicited Ira for help (he had been digging frantically near the “perfect tree”). When asked to “find your hole” he led us directly back to the spot and we where able to easily find our tree.

Harper was so excited to see the tree at our house and watch it be erected in our living room. We showed her the video of Rob cutting the tree down and she was screaming with excitement and pointing at the tree now standing in our living room. This is a definitely a new family tradition.

More photos and videos here.

  1. Grammie Tu Tu: So much fun for Harper to select and cut down your own tree:) We used to do that also for…

  2. nanci corzine: Loved all the pictures and videos. So glad this has become a Lord Family tradition. Do you remember when we…


Courtesy of a sweet ‘lil christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa Roll.

  1. nanci corzine: What an adorable hat. I particularly like the first one with that big smile of hers. She's beginning to have…

  2. Grammie Tutu: She certainly is a hat girl! She's always wearing a stylish hat :)