Holy Crap: Look what Harper Can Do!

We attached the little play toy accessory to the bouncy chair and where amazed at Harper Sue’s hand & eye coordination.

I’m convinced that these “developmental” toys are actually “indicator” tools for parents but it makes us both giddy to watch her progress.

  1. nanci corzine: WOW! You can see the wheels turning in that little brain of hers. Won't be long until she's able to…

New Bouncy Seat

Our new bouncy seat arrived yesterday.

So far Harper likes it as long as someone is watching her mad skillz.

  1. Grammie Tutu: Great video ! Looks like she loves her new seat:) I bought the pack 'n play for Maui and a…

  2. Lilia's Mommy: Oh that looks like way too much fun! Love how you always splice in a tune too.