Local Diner

I’ve admittedly been a bit lackadaisical¬†about taking Harper Sue out to a restaurant. I actually think it has more to do with how lovely our mealtimes are at home rather than any strong apprehension about public spaces. Whatever the reason we finally crossed the bridge (twice) last weekend at our favorite local diner, Boogaloo’s.

Our first breakfast on Saturday was outside seating with Ira and went pretty well. The small table’s outside where a bit challenging to keep the “grab zone” free and I ended up with yogurt on my pants as testament. Harper had a great time and woofed down a Kiddy Kake and a bunch of fruit while attempting to keep tabs on the bustling waitstaff.

Our second breakfast we left Ira at home and grabbed a nice large table. Rob fed the baby while I ate (one thing that didn’t happen on the maiden trip) and then we switched so Rob could eat too. It was a good system and Harper Sue was thrilled to be back where all the breakfast action is.

We are lucky to have three kid-friendly breakfast spots within walking distance from our house and it was pretty nice to have no breakfast cleanup awaiting us when we get home :)

  1. nanci corzine: Can't wait to share this experience with all of you (even Ira with Memere' along).