Birth Email Announcement

On May 16th at 2pm, I sent this mail to friend and family.

Hey friends + family of Patti + Rob Lord,

With great joy and some perineal soreness, Patti + I announce the birth of our baby girl. At 7 PM May 14th, Patti was enjoying a bath, chatting up her sister Sandi and experiencing one minute surges every five minutes. Twenty minutes before midnight, in our home, our bedroom, our bed assisted by birth team midwife Beah Haber and doula Britt Fohrman, Patti pushed our girl into my waiting hands.

What, you want a name? We have decided to get to know her before naming, but the current top runners of first name are Harper and Magnolia. Her middle name is Sue, named after Susan Lord, her great grandmother. So, likely either Magnolia “Maggie” Sue Lord or Harper Sue Lord.

She weighed six pounds at birth. She measured 19 and half inches long. She enjoys coo gibbering, pushing her fingers into her face and her mom’s singing, just like her dad!

We’re elated. Thanks to all of your for your love + support. ¬†We’ll be posting more pictures and video on Flickr, et al.

Patti + Rob