Easter with The Lord’s

We met up with The Lord’s Gang at Huntington Gardens on Sunday morning and spent the day meandering through the beautiful grounds. We took an unplanned break near a lovely pond and gave the kiddo’s a chance to explore.

Harper Sue attempted to purse snatch G Grandma Sue’s bag, pull Cousin Zach’s hair, and wrestle her Dada to the ground before convincing Grandma Tu Tu to carry her into a restricted zone. All in a days adventure for our sinister ‘lil SueBee.

Purse snatch attempt

Eyeing her target, a.k.a. Zacharoo

Kicking Dada to the ground

Coercing Grandma into no-no land

All in all it was a lovely day and Grandpa Lord posted  some nice pictures of Harper Sue on her best behavior:

  1. nanci corzine: What a wonderful "first Easter" for Harper and wonderful memories for everyone else. And life goes on. Do so appreciate…

Tropical First Food Paradise

Harper has been sampling (aka: licking) the wonderful bounty of fruits growing in the front yard. Today she spent a good 10 minutes grazing on a mango seed. Yesterday she was hooked on drops of young coconut water. By the time we leave she’ll be sucking down Lava Flows like a native.


Grandparents Lord Visit Harper

Grandparents now twice over, Peter and Barbara Lord visited Harper Sue this weekend in her San Francisco home. More pictures in this photo set.

Grandpa Lord + Harper Grandpa Lord + Harper

Grandma Lord + Harper

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