My First Goiter

Harper Sue was attacked, most likely in her sleep, by a vicious insect (most likely a mosquito or small spider) on Friday. The first indication was a small pimple-like sore under her chin on Friday night. On Saturday, she popped out of her evening bath with some obvious swelling and redness under her chin. By Sunday the swelled area was hardening and on Monday we went to our pediatrician. Harper is now on Day 2 of a 10 day 3x/day antibiotic treatment (boo!) with probiotic doses in between to mitigate the damage of antibiotics to her little bodies natural balance.

Harper also has her first semi-permanent tattoo. It’s a lovely dash line circle under her chin that marks the original size of the irritated area and I’m happy to say that after one dose of antibiotics the infected area is 20% smaller.

Here’s the photo we sent to our pediatrician on Saturday. ouch!

and a photo from Monday afternoon. Notice the redness on her double chin.

  1. Aunt Sandi: good thing you're diligent (yet not over-reactive) parents. Bad spiders!