First Overnight

Rob’s birthday was this past Friday and in addition to a lovely dinner at Chez Spencer, an energetic Major Lazer show at the Mezzanine, and opening presents (including a monocle- the perfect gift for the discerning man turning forty), I also booked us a room at the W Hotel for our first baby-free overnight.

I had  no reservations leaving Harper with our dear nanny Marina and was able to sleep-in until 8am. BOTH of us got to read the paper over breakfast in the hotel restaurant before heading home for a day of lazy recuperation.

With our first overnight trial under our belt we have now entered phase 2 (2 nights, 1 full day) of preparation for 2 nights at Burning Man in late August.

Here’s a few snaps of Rob at Chez Spencer trying out his new monocle. Nice, huh?

  1. nanci corzine: Mucho distinguisho!... and success with your first overnighter. And life moves forward.

Sunny Sunday + Skates

Team Lord headed down the peninsula on Sunday to rollerskate with Harper Sue and Ira along Canada Road. They close this beautiful section of Canada to car traffic every Sunday for cyclists, skaters, and strollers to enjoy.

Ira LOVED the pace and Harper loved seeing the cyclist whiz by. I used my hiking poles for just-in-case stability with the girl on my back and Rob held onto Ira’s leash. Now all we have to do is train Ira to be a husky and respond to the word “mush” and we might be able to make the full 7 mile loop.

  1. nanci corzine: Know you'll have lots more fun days on your skates wherever you wear them but this place looked awesome. Life…

Franti vs. Mary Jane

This morning I celebrated Harper SueBee’s 11th Mirthday with an introduction to her new big girl shoes. The shoes are still a bit big for her but she stamped around in them for about 2 minutes before pulling them off in what I assume is in protest and continued solidarity with the Barefoot Bodhisattva, Michael Franti.

Her new shoes are these:

Mary Janes by See Kai Run

Grandma Visits with Bling

Grandma came for a short visit yesterday and, as always, came adorned with beautiful jewelry for Harper Sue to admire.

Ira Play’s Nice

Ira and Harper Sue continue to develop their relationship. Thankfully for Ira this includes more ball toss and toy exchange and less hair pulling.

This morning they passed Ira’s squeaky rubber chicken back and forth a few times, each attempting to impress the other with how loud and frequent the toy squawks could be.

My First Goiter

Harper Sue was attacked, most likely in her sleep, by a vicious insect (most likely a mosquito or small spider) on Friday. The first indication was a small pimple-like sore under her chin on Friday night. On Saturday, she popped out of her evening bath with some obvious swelling and redness under her chin. By Sunday the swelled area was hardening and on Monday we went to our pediatrician. Harper is now on Day 2 of a 10 day 3x/day antibiotic treatment (boo!) with probiotic doses in between to mitigate the damage of antibiotics to her little bodies natural balance.

Harper also has her first semi-permanent tattoo. It’s a lovely dash line circle under her chin that marks the original size of the irritated area and I’m happy to say that after one dose of antibiotics the infected area is 20% smaller.

Here’s the photo we sent to our pediatrician on Saturday. ouch!

and a photo from Monday afternoon. Notice the redness on her double chin.

  1. Aunt Sandi: good thing you're diligent (yet not over-reactive) parents. Bad spiders!

Harper <3's Fishies

Aunt Sandi was in town this weekend so we headed over to the Cal Academy of Sciences to escape the rain and checkout the fishies. Harper Sue had a great time crawling around the less-trafficked sections of the museum and watching the fish swim by in the big tanks.

We are so lucky to have the Cal Academy close by and will undoubtedly be frequent visitors as Harper gets older.

  1. Aunt Sandi: ...and whenever Aunt Sandi comes to town! My favorite SF "thing to do" yet.

  2. nanci corzine: Awesome picture. Maybe next time I'll be able to share it with you. So glad Sandi was able to start…

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