Happy Birthday Ira

Ira turned 3 today.

We brought out a lot of the traditional birthday regalia including the birthday banner, party hats, a memory board (above), and to Harper’s delight and Ira’s disinterest: balloons!

It seems like MUCH longer than three years ago that we headed to Camp Verde, AZ to pick him up from the breeder. He was our first joint responsibility, first to go through potty training (fewer in-house accidents than Harper as I recall) and has the much-desired role as Harper Sue’s best friend and herder.

Ira would not be the happy and healthy dog he is without the love and guidance of his dogwalker: Chris Hayes. Chris has known Ira since we first started puppy class at SF Puppy Prep and Chris’ weekday morning arrivals at our house are joyous for all of us.

A quick and much-truncated trip down memory lane:

Ira: 8 weeks old with his Mama

Ira's first visit to Fort Funston at 3 months old

Ira at 1 year old with his dog walk pack.


Ira swimming with his best friend Dexter.


Ira on Big Beach, Maui doing what he loves most: chasing balls in the beach break.