Hang’n Around

My sister was a gymnast (a State-level medal-winning gymnast) when we where in high school so we always had a pull up bar in a doorway of our house. At some point we installed a pull up bar at 321 in Palo Alto between the kitchen and the living room and all the housemates had guns (the arm kind) as a result.

The idea to install a pull up bar for Harper Sue¬†occurred¬†to me after a recent swim classes when Harper’s instructor was speaking to the importance of upper body strength in developing the ability for a toddler to climb out of the pool by herself. Fifteen bucks and two days later (thx amazon) we where in business.

It’s so fun to watch her monkey moves and remember back to when Sandi and I would hang on the bar and talk of the phone or brush our teeth or watch tv or… (the list is long).

Here’s a few shot’s of our monkey:


Post lunch stretch