Lord Family Tree

We decided to start a new tradition and cut our own Christmas tree this year. It was SO much more fun than getting a tree at the big parking lot adjacent to 24 Hour Fitness.

We loaded up the dependents and headed south past La Honda to Skyline Ranch where you’re handed a saw at the entrance and are given every opportunity to get lost in the woods.

Ira and Harper Sue had a great time digging, sniffing, and stumbling through the tree’s.

After about an hour we circled back and attempted to find the previously identified “perfect tree”. Rob and I had no luck relocating the tree so we solicited Ira for help (he had been digging frantically near the “perfect tree”). When asked to “find your hole” he led us directly back to the spot and we where able to easily find our tree.

Harper was so excited to see the tree at our house and watch it be erected in our living room. We showed her the video of Rob cutting the tree down and she was screaming with excitement and pointing at the tree now standing in our living room. This is a definitely a new family tradition.

More photos and videos here.