Pumpkin Patch Visit

It was opening weekend at the Half Moon Bay pumpkin farms and Team Lord was one of the early arrivals. There are at least 10 different pumpkin farms that transform themselves into family fun destinations by adding petting zoo’s, corn maze’s, hay rides, and in one case laser tag.

We stopped briefly at the laser tag cum pumpkin patch (Lemos Farm) but where quickly overwhelmed by the distractions and nearly trampled by the festively dressed toddlers all heading for the goat pen. We where there long enough to snap a few shots before bolting.

We found pumpkin salvation further down Hwy 1 at Bob’s Pumpkin Farm who’s tagline is “Pick ‘em Where They Grow”. Well, that’s mostly true except that all the pumpkins we saw where already cut from the vine and organized by type (Cinderella, Princess, Regular ‘ole Pumpkin). The pumpkins where still in the field and you did have to get a wheel barrel to haul your bounty to the cashier so it was much closer to the experience we where hoping for.

Harper had a blast tramping around the pumpkin patch, throwing dirt clods, and creating dust. Ira enjoyed being outside and was happy to roam around helping us find the perfect pumpkin.

Harper seemed completely at home in the wheel barrel.