Tahoe Pool

One of my main draws to the Resort at Squaw Creek is the pool area. The kiddie pool and adjacent sand box is perfect for entertaining the munchkins. There’s a bigger kids pool (3.5 ft deep) with a slide that goes through the trees for when Harper is older. Selfishly most important is abundance of adult lounge chairs and poolside bar/deli that is well staffed with kind folks who will refill your limeade and bring you turkey wraps while you sit on your ass in the sun.

Aside from staying at the fancy resort we where lucky to have another indulgence: Marina! Her family has a vacation home on Lake Tahoe a mere 2 miles away and the timing worked out perfectly with her rendezvousing with her mom and sis and popping over for a couple hours during the day and evening to give me some time to lay in the sun & read and Rob and I a chance to attend a Moby DJ set and friends BBQ during the evenings.

Dada and Harper Sue spending some quality time in the sandbox.

Marina and Harper Sue soaking up the sun at the pool.

Dada and Harper Sue exploring the boat dock and Marina's gorgeous lakeside home.

The kiddie pool and adjacent sandbox at the Resort at Squaw Creek.