Tahoe Lounging

We recently returned to Tahoe to attend the Wanderlust Festival at Squaw. We went last year when Harper Sue was just 10 weeks old and new that it would be even more fun this time when she could advantage of more of the resort activities offered. One super fun thing we discovered that was not on the official activities list was spending our mornings (7am -8:30am) exploring the huge resort lounge and conference halls. Here’s a few shots from our excursions.

Since I’ve attended a few sales meetings at this resort I’m familiar with the layout and the best stair cases in the conference area.

Harper Sue in search of the conference room for her next presentation :)

Harper developed a bit of a crush on the cowhide chair and is giving him(her?) a kiss in this shot.

The lounge was cruising heaven for HS. She was even able to practice her bouldering skills on the granite rocks that protrude from the main entrance floor.