ASL (Advancing Suebee Language)

We are attempting to keep up with Harper Sue’s eagerness to communicate by crash-coursing on the American Sign Language website. Harper had been using and responding to the nursing (aka: milk) sign since month 6 or 7. She picked up “more” around month 8 and most recently has found a true love of the sign for bird. She’ll use the bird sign to both announce when she see’s a bird, to indicate where she saw a bird, and to tell us that she wants to see a bird. Rob and I are both impressed that she is able to identify a bird in many forms- from an actual pigeon on the street to a graphic interpretation of a bird in a poster or in our wallpaper.

I’m starting to use signs for feelings (angry, sad, happy, like, etc.) and won’t be surprised if Harper picks them up pretty quickly. Her desire to communicate is so strong.

Harper Sue making the bird sign.