Busy Body

6:30am–7:30am is a busy hour for Harper Suedoo. She and I hang out in the nursery, listen to the news, play, and wait for daddy to be awake enough to load everyone up for the morning walk. This is hands-down my favorite part of the day.

Yesterday Harper investigated the changing table storage for the 3rd time. This time was particularly exciting to watch since she has grown so much and is not as agile in a 12″ high environment.
Harper’s new favorite toy is a big shopping bag. It makes tons of noise, has nearly-edible handles, and occupies her recent fascination with putting objects in and pulling objects out of containers. She’s also learning to climb while holding a bag- important skill for the 5.11 shopping route.
This new activity of carrying an object and moving from place to place is currently the only incentive i’ve ¬†observed at this stage for walking vs. crawling. She’s such an efficient crawler that it may take more than just carrying capacity to muster more two leg mobility.