First Overnight

Rob’s birthday was this past Friday and in addition to a lovely dinner at Chez Spencer, an energetic Major Lazer show at the Mezzanine, and opening presents (including a monocle- the perfect gift for the discerning man turning forty), I also booked us a room at the W Hotel for our first baby-free overnight.

I had  no reservations leaving Harper with our dear nanny Marina and was able to sleep-in until 8am. BOTH of us got to read the paper over breakfast in the hotel restaurant before heading home for a day of lazy recuperation.

With our first overnight trial under our belt we have now entered phase 2 (2 nights, 1 full day) of preparation for 2 nights at Burning Man in late August.

Here’s a few snaps of Rob at Chez Spencer trying out his new monocle. Nice, huh?