Easter Travel

It’s 8:30pm the night before Easter Sunday and while I’m happy to say Harper Sue is soundly sleeping and we are catching up on email (Patti) and video games (Rob) I’m also exhausted. Traveling with a 10 month old is a LOT harder than a 3 month old. Harper’s sleep schedule is 90% consistent 90% of the time which I’m convinced is why she’s such a vibrant and happy kiddo. I’m convinced because on days like today when she missed her afternoon nap and went to bed a full 90 minutes later than usual she was so distraught she was cry-choking before she finally let the sleep monster take her :(
Of course I was crying by that point too. Lucky for the other hotel guests the entire episode lasted less than 10 minutes but suffice to say it was the suckiest 10 minutes of my week.
Tomorrow we brunch with Rob’s family and head home sweet home.