Seventh Times a Charm

Harper Sue logged her seventh and eighth airplane take-off and landing on our Thanksgiving trip down to San Diego.

I did some research to update my flight-plus-baby strategy and found great advice to bring a new extra-special toy that is introduced once your boarded on the flight and no sooner. Worked liked a charm! The flight down to SD is only 90 minutes so when she wasn’t on the boob she was mesmerized by exploring her new toy. Then the toy was hidden away until our flight back and again, it worked like a charm.

While both SFO and SAN where virtually empty (amazing to think that just 4 years ago the security line at SFO was nearly 1/4 mile long!) our Southwest flights were completely full. Thank GOD for family boarding that gave us access after the A’s but before the B’s (this may not make any since if you’ve never flown Southwest) so while we where not blessed with an empty seat between us we where able to sit together toward the front of the plane.

As Harper Sue becomes more mobile its tougher to keep her confined to mom or dads lap and a longer flight would certainly be more challenging in this regard. I just learned that Southwest has special pricing for children under four years old that cuts the price by about 30% on most flights. Certainly worth looking into for our TBD next trip.

Here’s a few shots of Harper Doobie on the flight and making friends with the Hertz shuttle driver.