Halloween Buzzzzzzz

We had a pretty great Halloween this year. Rob is a BIG fan of group costumes so we where on the look out in September for an all-family costume idea when we stumbled into a new Bee Keeper shop on 20th and Mission.

Low and behold, our search was over. Harper Sue Bee would be accompanied by her two Bee Keepers. Grandma Corzine made a cozy costume for the little buzzer and I covered the Bjorn in accompanying stripes. We made hive mates for Harper out of yellow and black pipe cleaners and (to Rob’s horror) I added small pictures of Harper’s face to mine.


Here’s us on Fair Oaks street in the Mission. This 3 block area is where all the local kids come to trick or treat and where all the homeowners pull out the stops for a ghoulishly good time. We got lot’s of “ahhhh”‘s and compliments on our walk down Valencia and only two groups mistaken us for exterminators (aka: VERY bad parents).

IMG_0261 IMG_0263

We distributed all our honey sticks, headed home, got Harper Sue Bee to her hive, welcomed the nanny, and headed out to our friend Keri’s party.

We made up a new dance that included some swatting moves, hung out with some of our favorite peeps, learned to drink beer through our mesh hoods, hive-fived at least twice on our way home, and where in bed by midnight.

Just in (via Facebook). Bee Keeper P with our surrogate Bee Olivia: